Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Where are they?

Where are they?

I had a rundown of some friends which have been missing in action in the spectra of my discombobulated existence. Sometimes, i can't help but wonder, "Sila ba talaga ung nawawala? O ung mundo ko ung isinara ko?"

Jack Sparrow / Kuya Luis.
Where are you? Alam ko nasa tabi-tabi ka lang, pero hindi ko maramdaman ang iyong presensya. Paramdam. paramdam. paramdam.

I miss kuya luis. I just miss the silly talks we had back then. He has his own uncanny ways of converting my melodrama stories into some sort of comedy script. (minsan pa nga, pang porn movie na..bwahahahah) I miss the way he'd listen to me and to my neverending struggle in finding an elixir for my physical and emotional sufferings. I miss the times he'd seriously listen to me, then suddenly crack his eggs este his jokes pala.(bwahahah) He expresses his ideas with all his wit and charm *wink, wink*(nyahahhaha) I miss the kuya i have in him.

If I have to choose one thing that will always remind me of him, it's the Little Prince by Antoine Saint de Exupery, and the Youngblood. Not to mention the UMD kooooooooooooooooo....waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa....

paramdam, paramdam, paramdam...

'Bonebonz' / Kuya Donnie.
What happened to the funny mornings we had back then? I don't know if it's me who first retracted to our morning session, or maybe we both got busy, life spins so fast sometimes we loose track of the simple but most important things in our lives. And when reality strikes, we wish we could turn back time and tell someone that they have made a difference in our lives.

Kuya donnie, you really made a difference in my life. I am really sorry i know i have been so busy with so many unimportant things i haven't kept you up-to-date with my tale of two lovers. Apparently, they now both reside on the back burners of my brain, having lashed the heart of your little sister a thousand times. Well, they both do deserve it :D

What i really miss about you? The hooters (oopppsss.. top secret pala natin un, haaha), the compliments which really make my day, your lending ears, your advices, everything in you, i really miss. You really are a wonderful person, im glad God allowed our paths to cross. I love you kuya. (and regards to Ate Sam and the kids. mwahhhh)

Pareng ROn
My officemate-turned-kumpare. Missin' this very humorous and very kind and very generous friend of mine. Morning breakfast are never the same without his homecooked viands, and with his neverending pocket full of jokes and laughter, no one gets older when you are with with him.

He's superman. Always there in times of need. Just call Ronnie, and he'll be there. May kasamang tawa pa.

What reminds me of him? Checking wings (our special version of the very palatable fried chicken wings. heheheh.) Pansit. Fried dried linta. Seafoods. Our extension cord in the comfort room. His owner-type jeep, where we got stranded under the lashing winds and cascading rains during the typhoon milenyo. Nunuy. Buday. Mastercam. MAchining. Hitch sa owner kapag naiwan ng bus sa complex. Waaaaaa. Pareeeeeeee..aymeshu.Bakit iniwan nyo na kami lahat dito sa engineering? huhuhuhu.

***to be continued