Monday, June 23, 2008


I always have this refreshing feeling basking under the scorching rays of the sun which peeks through the clouds right after a storm had passed.



There are storms in our lives that wash away almost our soul, and leave us barren and unrecognizable. There are storms that just pass through our lives and take away nothing but the warmth of the sun. There are storms that wreak havoc in our spirits and leave us on bended knees. There are storms that don't go away and stay with us 24/7. And so on. and so on.

The storms and our lives.

Sometimes, they annoy me. Sometimes, they don't.

Yesterday, all my appointments were cancelled: Alumni homecoming, dinner with friends, even my appointment with my laundry! hahaha. Who would want to leave the house with the raging storm and flood on the road? Not to mention the flying roofs and the falling tree branches. ahihihih.

Yesterday, i just got myself stroked in front of the pc, then tucked myself to bed, grooved to the patapons in the psp, ate, slept, watched tv, ate, slept, journeyed to the crash of the titans in the psp, watched wedding daze movie in youtube, surfed the www, modded the forums, downloaded psp games, ate, watched tv, snoozed...... waaaaaaaaaaaaa. This was really one of the best days for me! I was just.....relaxing... enjoying the cold temperature brought by Frank (the typhoon.hehehe.) I was mulling over some things when it suddenly hit me... not all storms will wreak havoc, some would leave us with the rare chance of enjoying simple things apart from the busy life that we routinely do. A halt from the hustle of our lives, a hiatus from the bustling life proceedings, a period of rest, or anything that would recharge us after being struck by the snares of this confusing life. Back to the basics.

This only proves that there's good in everything that God wanted us to experience. That there's reason for everything. That there's always a rainbow after the rain...

Tuloy ang lakad bukas :more:

Jack's we come!!!!