Tuesday, June 10, 2008


A good way to start a week right is a good movie that kick-butts and punches the boredom at the very start of the week. It's a good thing i was able to stream online this compendium of panda-monium and kung foolishness, THE KUNG FU PANDA movie at a triple pay holiday rate :D

A pool of wisdom and entertainment, this movie really rocks. Watchin' it in clandestine mode (2x5 window) has even made it more exciting. I was indeed chuckling, mindful of the people around me that could discover what my sanity had been feasting on.

Kung Fu Panda is a story of determination and perseverance. Po the Panda, the son of a noodle cooker, is a clumsy, gluttonous Panda who dreams of being a Kung Fu master. He got a shot at this dream when he was chosen by Oogway, the wise turtle master, to be the next Dragon Warrior in an extremely hilarious bizaare turn of events. This infuriates Shifu, the teacher of the Five Kung Fu Masters, Master Monkey, Master Tigress, Master Viper, Master Mantis, and Master Crane, but he has no choice. He has to train this sloppy Panda in order for him to defeat Tai Lung, a long exiled panther, who has escaped from prison, and out to crown himself as the Dragon Warrior.

Overall, it is indeed a heartwarming movie for all kids and kids-at-heart. Po is hilarious in his crazy antics, it was indeed entertaining to see him struggling for his breath as he climbed the stair of the Jade Temple, kind of really hard to get on with an obese body. I was also amused at how Po and Shifu battled over the last dumpling, it was one the of the movie's best moments. At the whole duration of the movie, my mind kept on asking if Master Shifu is in any way related to Master Yoda. (Father and son ba sila?)

Familiar essential life's lessons are injected in the film, striking lines which reminds us that living a life is like a martial art, not just about breaking boards or bricks or disabling an opponent but is self-discipline, and self-control.

Here are some notable lines that had me in the movie:

1. There is no charge for awesomeness or attractiveness.

Nyahahaha. I love this as the movie opens with Po showing off his martial artistry before a rude awakening confirms that it was only a dream.

Good things come at no price at all.

2. There is no secret ingredient, You just have to believe.

When Mr. Ping, the foster father of Po told him that there is no ingredient in the noodles that he cooks, and he just have to believe that is special, Po realizes that the scroll is intended to be blank because he just have to see the real him. He then retells Tai Lung about the blank scroll that there is really nothing special but just he himself.

This is just a matter of conviction, that what we have deep within is the most special ingredient to our success. Our beliefs could lead us to where we want to be. The secret lies deep within us, and we just have to discover it in the most number of ways we could imagine.

3. The true path to victory is to find your opponent's weaknesses, and make him suffer for it.

Hmmmnn... Well, i believe this isn't wisdom at all, but this also caught my attention. SOunds kind of useful in some battles that i am engaging into. :naughty:

4. A real warrior never quits.

Po, after being scorned by the masters, almost gave up becoming the next Dragon Warrior. But after some enlightenment, he didn't quit and proceed to the training so that he could find his way to fulfilling his ultimate dream of becoming a Kung Fu master.

Rock on! This holds true to all of us. We are all warriors in this battle of life. And quitting should never be an option.

5. There are no accidents.There is no good news or bad news. There is just news.

Well, this goes on to the familiar saying that all things happen for a reason.

6. The mark of a true hero is humility.

Need i say more?

7. Yesterday is history. Tomorrow is mystery. Today is a gift, that is why it is called the "present"

Live in the now. Don't waste time. Seize the day. Enjoy each day as if it were the last day. Do not let the past rob you off your effectiveness today. WHile the past is ancient history, do not get overly carried away with the worryings of the future, which is a promissory note. The time is now, today, the present. SO live each day to the fullest and celebrate life in all its wonder.

"we do not wash our pits in the pool of sacred tears."