Saturday, October 31, 2009


The middle metal pole support of the garage fell down on my car due to the ravaging winds brought by the typhoon Santi.
I felt really bad for the dent that was left on my sweetie.
But still thankful to God that it didn't fall on the windshield.

Thank you God

Friday, October 30, 2009

God shares our pain

When we want to rage against heaven for our circumstances, let’s remind ourselves that God shares our pain. He even came down to be with us.

-Joy Sosoban

Wednesday, October 28, 2009


you can do office aerobics sitting right at your desk. It consists of jumping to conclusions, ducking responsibility, coming to grips with problems, stretching your boss' patience, sidestepping difficulty and pushing your luck..... ( from Dyois Abanes' fb status)

carcinogenic soysauce

uber badtrip lang.
who needs a soysauce?
it's carcinogenic.
see the effect?
i'm better off without any condiment.
it's just an illusion that the food would taste better with it.
marketing strategy.
suggestive selling.
been there.
done that.
fruits and veggies na lang.
think nutritious.
think health.
think green.


karma has gotten you on her list
ready yourself for some small itch
along the way you've been bad yourself
making fun out of other's expense
jiving to the rhythm of lies and deceits.

up and down you thought you've nailed it all
over and under you thought you've fooled us all
your scoundrel-schemes you thought seemed to flourish
karma's a bitch, how come you forgot about it
come to think of it, it will be full of surprises
up and down, over and under, in time she'll come to you
flurry in a hurry, to give you what is due.

I stopped stoking the embers of a fading memory.

I stopped stoking the embers of a fading memory.


Congratulate me.


I just don't understand why some people can't seem to realize how much pressure they've been putting on me.

"Nappressure na ko. Wait lang po."

"Bakit ka naman nappressure?!?"

I suddenly want to bang my head on the wall.

And she started the litany of the things she wanted me to accomplish, she wanted me to provide.

And to ask me why i am pressured?

She's asking me a lot of things beyond my resources!


Why can't they understand the life that i am living? This is no ordinary. Am i really just having a lot more years with a lot less life?

Dire extremity mutates into new reality.

I almost wish I'm dead.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009


I've been too busy lately. Too busy getting the hang of my solitary life. Intermittently through the past months, more and more often, and all over the past weeks, I’ve been glimpsing a day to day life that have been far too blessed all along. I've set up systems that seem to be running smoothly, (though sometimes at the expense of my super expensive health) exhilarating life controls that fuels up my happiness meter.

Friday, October 23, 2009



Too much info last night.

Not that my heart and soul could contain it.

It's just too hard for me to chew.

But i have to take a bite on the ugly truth. or truths.

Going back to square one has never been this easy.



Thursday, October 22, 2009

Love is the river of life in the world.

Love is the river of life in the world.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Ayala Westgrove

(photo: rey baptista)

(photo: rey baptista)

more BTS



Didn't get enough sleep last night. I was off to bed as early as 930pm but the temptation of having just a round of Lumines in the psp couldn't be resisted. This was part of my getting back to my usual self, of what i was a year ago, part of a self-inflicted ordeal that i have long been trying hard to conquer.

I didn't know where all the time went, but i was able to unlock another 3 stages in Lumines, thereby beating my highest score last year of 87287 to 114031. Puzzle fusion indeed. Not bad, hehe. My eyes were indeed closing halfway as i reach the game over. Time for me to rest.

I was over the game Lumines but i guess i wasn't over with the hordes of puzzle fusions in me. My body lay softly in my bed, but my mind was wandering somewhere,somehow, sometime, into something where it shouldn't.

Hardee's. Delicious burgers. Laughter. Banter. "ANong gusto mo?" "Anong drinks mo?" "Shake?" "Hmmmnnn... sarap." "Gamot mo?Nainom mo ba?"

The alarm beeped. 1am. Sustainability. Maintenance. Life.

I woke up from a dream. I was shocked. It seemed so real. Am i travelling back in time? I smiled. Good times Lois. Good times. I still have it in me. And my unconscious has been rolling it once in a while, to remind me that there is so much to cherish on my yesterday.Forget about the times i got stabbed straight to the pumping center of my being. We all make mistakes. What matters now are the good times that we had, good times that we can always draw strength on, good times that let us define our survival.

Being back to my usual self, i sustained my life with a pill that extended my days here on earth. To live life longer, to create moments that would take my breath away. Good times. Good times.

Welcome back lois. You definitely are getting there :)

Thursday, October 15, 2009


I'm just too lazy to blog lately


Wednesday, October 14, 2009


"Life is not a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in a pretty and well preserved body, but rather to skid in broadside, totally worn out and proclaiming...
"Wow, what a ride!"
- author unknown

Tuesday, October 13, 2009


We all take different paths in life, but no matter where we go, we take a little of each other everywhere.
-Tim McGraw-

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Will you still love me even if I’m not perfect?

Was just forwarding an email to a very dear friend about soliciting feedbacks to the products that we both purchased on the net over a month ago. I rechecked
the sent items just to make sure that i forwarded the email in verbatim. My attention was drawn to the other sent items i had in the folder, and look what i have found :)


Will you still love me even if I’m not perfect?

Will you still love me even if I’m not perfect? Will you still love me even if I’m not the kind of person you wished I were? Will you still look into my eyes with warmth even if you saw my shadows? Will you still hold my hand even if you knew there will be times I’d let you down?

For though I yearn to take care of you as I should, though I desire to love you with a love that never falters and fades, my knees tremble this very moment that you hold me in your arms.

Shall I kiss you? Shall I hold your hand and bask in the light of your spirit knowing that I have my darkness, knowing there will be times that the light of my love will sometimes be overshadowed by the darkness that is in me?

Sometimes I’d be silent and I might bore you. I may not laugh at your jokes, and you may not understand the spell that’s enshrouding me. Sometimes I’d get troubled and I’d fail to put into words what the hell it is that troubles me. I wouldn’t be good company then, and I couldn’t make you smile.

Sometimes I’d get moody and I might not enjoy the things you’d like us to do together. Sometimes I’d lose my temper and I’d no longer act like the fine person who stands before you today. Sometimes I’d get jealous and I might say things I don’t really mean. Sometimes I’d talk too much that I might drive you away.

Sometimes I’d get touchy and I’d get easily hurt. And no matter how mature I try to be, at times I’d act in childish ways. I’d demand things I shouldn’t, I’d say thing I shouldn’t say. And no matter how much I desire to protect you and make you happy, sometimes I’d be the one who’d cause you the most pain.

If you will love me I cannot promise you that I will not hurt you. I cannot promise you that I will not make you cry and that I’ll never break your heart. But if you will love me, I will bare my whole self naked before you, and I will reveal to you my soul. If you will love me, you can be certain that it is I that you will love, not a mask that fools you and gives you only what your eyes desire to see. If you will love me, you can be certain that you will love the depths of me, all of me that is in me, and I in turn will love you with all of me, with all my soul, with all my mind, with all my spirit, with all my flaws and beauty, and with all my very heart.


my thoughts about this article: Rest assured that i will love you twice in this life.
1st. When you are perfect
2nd. When you are not perfect.

I'll always love you.
You'll always have my heart :)

your LOIS :)


I rushed to the restroom and let the tears freely ran my face.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009


Car trouble is a serious matter, especially on an unexpected instance. We didn't expect to find Kismot's left rear tire flat on the road after the visit we had to Leiz at LB Doctor's Hospital last Sunday.

This had broken our forward momentum of having a sumptuous meal at Jolibee. Ron had immediately resolved to change the flat tire and asked Jojit to pull the spare. He asked for an early warning device to which Jojit didnt has. Hehe. So off Ron went to Kea to get the warning device. It seems like Jojit hasn't well been oriented much to his new toy, unaware that the spare has been screwed securely at the trunk. I was looking for the jack, only to find a mechanical one at the side of the trunk. So again, Ron pulled out his hydraulic jack from Kea.

And the tire changing was staged.

Thanks to the very cool and brave Ron :)

I am very blessed to have this two brave fellas during some journeys of my life where my tires had been flat. Aw. Ang cheesy :) I love you both.

To Jojit: We'll be buying your hydraulic jack and early warning device this weekend by hook or by crook ok? Saka practice tayo magpalit ng gulong. hahaha.


Our lives are filled with flat tire incidents as God has not promised us a life of carefree and enjoyment all throughout. We may become seriously ill, bombarded with financial problems, lose our jobs, have broken relationships, but He promised to be with us at all times no matter how hopeless it might seem.

The Bible says in the first chapter of James, “Consider it a sheer gift, friends, when tests and challenges come at you from all sides. You know that under pressure, your faith-life is forced into the open and shows its true colors. So don’t try to get out of anything prematurely. Let it do its work so you become mature and well-developed, not deficient in any way.”

"We know that in all things God works for the good of those who love Him" (Romans 8:28). Our tribulations should strengthen our faith (James 1:2-3).

No one looks forward to problems and suffering and troubles and pain and enemies and setbacks and difficulties and breakdowns and obstacles. No one expectantly anticipates flat tires, regardless of the form they take. But unfortunately, none of us grows when life is good and skies are clear and problems are few."

"Jesus through His Word and sacraments is the mechanic for all the breakdowns along our journey through life. He can repair all our problems and make us stronger than ever. Most important, His death on the cross has repaired our broken relationship with God. Our bill? Paid in full -- we own nothing.

We grow best and most when we are at the end of our ropes with nowhere to go but down. This is when God really shines in our lives. God specializes in allowing us to get to the end of ourselves and our resources and our abilities and our strength because then we have nowhere to turn but to him.

James, again, “Anyone who meets a testing challenge head-on and manages to stick it out is mighty fortunate. For such persons loyally in love with God, the reward is life and more life.”

Tuesday, October 6, 2009


Thanks jellie for this cute labor of love.
Love yah!


Life is sweet.
I love coffee.
I love my psp.

Love is commitment at its best

Love is commitment at its best. It goes beyond feelings. A real commitment needs to be constantly renewed. Only then can a relationship withstand the trials and the fading of feelings and emotions. Only then will we be true to what the great Roman poet Virgil said: “Love conquers all.”
Fr. Rudy Horst, SVD

Saturday, October 3, 2009


Wow. Thanks sa cakes pare :) Love it!
Kakainin kaya ng mga arabo yan? haha.