Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Didn't get enough sleep last night. I was off to bed as early as 930pm but the temptation of having just a round of Lumines in the psp couldn't be resisted. This was part of my getting back to my usual self, of what i was a year ago, part of a self-inflicted ordeal that i have long been trying hard to conquer.

I didn't know where all the time went, but i was able to unlock another 3 stages in Lumines, thereby beating my highest score last year of 87287 to 114031. Puzzle fusion indeed. Not bad, hehe. My eyes were indeed closing halfway as i reach the game over. Time for me to rest.

I was over the game Lumines but i guess i wasn't over with the hordes of puzzle fusions in me. My body lay softly in my bed, but my mind was wandering somewhere,somehow, sometime, into something where it shouldn't.

Hardee's. Delicious burgers. Laughter. Banter. "ANong gusto mo?" "Anong drinks mo?" "Shake?" "Hmmmnnn... sarap." "Gamot mo?Nainom mo ba?"

The alarm beeped. 1am. Sustainability. Maintenance. Life.

I woke up from a dream. I was shocked. It seemed so real. Am i travelling back in time? I smiled. Good times Lois. Good times. I still have it in me. And my unconscious has been rolling it once in a while, to remind me that there is so much to cherish on my yesterday.Forget about the times i got stabbed straight to the pumping center of my being. We all make mistakes. What matters now are the good times that we had, good times that we can always draw strength on, good times that let us define our survival.

Being back to my usual self, i sustained my life with a pill that extended my days here on earth. To live life longer, to create moments that would take my breath away. Good times. Good times.

Welcome back lois. You definitely are getting there :)