Saturday, September 29, 2007


Had my hair trimmed.

I cant recall the last time i had it. All i knew is that it doesn't look good anymore with its ends splitting.

So off i went to the parlor, swarmed by gays in majority. Approached the counter, and the receptionist greeted me with a smile. "Ma'am, haircut po ba?" Just as i am about to answer YES, in split seconds she was able to shoot me her next question, "Ma'am, baka gusto nyo po mag pa relax, or rebond, bigyan ko po kayo 20% discount, okey sya sa hair nyo ma'am, straight na straight po....."


"No thanks, just a haircut."


Friday, September 28, 2007

This is a story of a prince and princess who fell in love to each other. Unfortunately, their kingdoms are miles apart, but they insisted on fulfilling their love for each other.
It was a very difficult situation for both of them. Life gets rocky sometimes.

Just as when they are about to give up, the prince sent her princess a letter :

Stay With Me...

Stay with me, love
when dawn arrives;
kiss me like the morning rays.
Don't let the magic
we shared in the night
flitter with the light of day.

Stay with me
Be at my side.
We've not yet attained our noon.
Let's cast off the hands of time,
and dance beneath
a lover's moon.

Stay with me
when the sky grows dim
and a zillion stars come
to play their evening song,
Touch me again and again.
Stay with me long.

God knows how much I have Loved YOU, just always take care whatever you do. Wala man ako sa paningin mo, isipin mong nandyan lang ako sa tabi mo. I'm always here for you

(bilingual ang prinsipe natin dito ha.weheheh.)


And so the princess scribbled an epistle to his prince also:

It is my belief that our relationship transcends beyond the stream of messages.When i first learned that my heart beats for the prince in you, i examined myself, and realize that the feelings are so authentic, so real it can go far beyond where you are right now, miles apart from me.

Yes, it is possible for two people to be inloved with each other even though distance separates them. As pristine as the love that is felt by two people falling for each other without physically being together, without coming face to face.
And i very well know this. Because i have loved you in these instances.

Yes, you indeed rocked my world. Feeling you so close to me. Hearing you so clearly. You are so real to me my prince. And thankful i am so much for having met you. How much more could i be thankful that i have been loved by you. Cared by you. Treasured by you. Bliss.

I have never been loved like this before. Never been adored like this in the past summers of my life. Only you have touched me this strangely. This enigmatic. And was i drawn to you in a fleeting moment.

But i haven't been so warily in our relationship. A wall of indifference had somehow been constructed between us without my being aware of it. And yes, i had my fair share on it. Redundantly doing what you requested me not to do. Repeatedly commiting the things that hurt you. Yes, it is only now that i have become so aware of it. How foolish of me.

I apologize for the coldness that you felt with my affection. While it's the emptiness that you can perceive in our relationship, i haven't been aware that i have been projecting it, for deep inside me, i am still wounded by so many things. I am sorry for not having gone into the intricate details of my internal sufferings. For i do not want to be a burden to you. All i ever hoped for is to make this relationship better than our pasts. Happier than before. Blithely than we can ever wished for.

Admittedly, i enjoyed the comforts of being sorrounded by friends. Being alone in my life's struggles for quite a long time has taught me that pains are lessened when shared with friends who cushion the blow. Yet i know love and friendship are two different things. There's a thin line between the two, i guess, but i assure you i know very well myself as to where i stand. My friends had enabled me to survive these long years of pain and suffering. But my love has always been my reason for living. And you being my love, you are my life to which i want to live.

I am heartily sorry for my shortcomings. I want to share a life with you. I have loved you far beyond you can imagine. I .Thank you for taking time in taking care of me. I have been ignorant of so many things due to some disturbances which i cannot again disclose. But i hope everything will be okay.

I choose to stay. Even if you dont want me to. Even if you are cursing me. Even if you are very angry to me. Even if you dont love me.

I'll stay.

And wait....

until we can be together.


aw. nakakatouch ang kwento db.

Muriatic acid

My mind was complaining. I have been overdoing the design revision of ATR-11 from star-ejector to single knock-out design, yet, after almost a year, i haven't finalized the design, endorsed and submitted. I have been bombarded by complains regarding the present operational problems of the old design, and maybe, deaf i was not to prioritize it. There had been inner conversations inside my head. Should i finish it or not. Then suddenly, in my hallucinations, i overheard my boss... "Finish the revision.......or else....i'll finish you first....*big evil laugh..BWAHAHAHAHAHA*"


Felt like peeing. So off i went to the comfort room.

Ewww. The smell stinks.

Muriatic acid. The janitor must have poured some in our toilet bowl. There had been yellow stains in it. Sometimes, you just can't identify where these yellow stains come from. Are these scales from the water? or just residues of...uhhmmm..never mind (ulk)

Muriatic acid.

Muriatic acid is the commercial name for hydrochloric acid. Browsing through the wikipedia, it is the aqueous (water-based) solution of hydrogen chloride gas (HCl). It is a strong acid, the major component of gastric acid and of wide industrial use. Hydrochloric acid must be handled with appropriate safety precautions because it is a highly corrosive liquid.

I for myself prefer muriatic acid for use in cleaning our comfort room. Being a strong acid, it can remove the dirt and stains an ordinary cleaner (say clorox) can't do.
It also amazes me that after pouring it into the object with stains, the chemical reaction takes place in front of my eyes, bubbles formed and poisonous gases are released. Welcome to the world of chemistry!

I cannot count how many times i must have inhaled this gaseous release (i have been cleaning the comfort room since i had my first tooth!lols) I can still remember how i choked to death due to the inhalation this gas, i scampered out from the comfort room begging for my life. A glass of water did save me. (I drank the water of course, were you thinking i doused my whole face in it??ggggggggrrrrrrrr) If i could count how many times it did gave me another life, this must have been my 103rd life to live. Oh, that was just an exxageration. :)

Add to that the scorching on my skin when i happen to come in contact with it. It burns, it stings, wheew. There's an inner voice that scolds me whenever i wear gloves in cleaning the comfort room. HANDS-ON. I'd hear the voice commanding me. The hell whoever it is, but i did follow whatever he tells me to do. SIR YES SIR. HANDS ON SIR. I WILL REMOVE MY GLOVES SIR. My sanity is lost i guess. lols.

These are just some of my "fortunate" mishaps in my quest for a clean and gleaming comfort room. Would i say i have passion for muriatic acid? haha.
or muriatic means the world to me?haha again.

This whole muriatic thing just popped through my mind. My life has always been a struggle. There had been a lot of muriatic acids poured into my life. Dual burdens of an immensely increased workload. Problems which bugged me down, most are stentorian in condemnation, with a keen sense of hogging my energies. Yes, they choke me to death, sting, burn, scorch. I’ve known these problems to singe my soul. I have a lifetime of experience to vouch for it.

More often, when we are bombarded by problems, our initial reactions cannot be explained nor calculated by the simplest to complex chemical formulas. No amount of wisdom could ever explain what we really feel when we are faced with legions of obstacle that strangles us.

But then, these problems are the elements of life which make us better persons. These cleanse the dirt in us, though often through painful ways. After going through a difficult situation, we are expected to emerge gleaming with dignity, pride and success, having gone through all the burning and scorching of our souls. And through his, we learn a lot.

Sometimes, it takes a painful situation to change our ways and to alter our perspective.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

I just love this eyeshadow. It's Gelato's Eyes Cream. ( cream or eyes cream??)

· n. a plant-eating insect with long hind legs which are used for jumping and for producing a chirping sound. [Family Acrididae: many species.]

Sunday evening, i was about to do the dishes when this grasshopper caught my attention. Wala lang. Na kyutan lang ako. Bigla syang tumalon after ng flash.

Next scene: Umirit ako. AAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.............

Sunday, September 23, 2007

It was a gloomy Sunday morning. Slept past 11 last night, woke up with a headache at 730am, but was feeling so relieved because i don't need to rush to work. I got no "layas" sked this Sunday, (which i became used to since my friends became so addicted with their gfs and bfs im not quite sure if they still recognize my existence, huhuhu)

I'm so damn lazy to get my ass to work on household chores, so i guess i am again stroked in front this pc again. Rain is pouring outside, lovely day for ducks! The possibility of drying my clothes is so slim... huhuhuh

I'm not feeling well for the past week, must have been due to this molar (up and down) and the deferred pain could be felt all over the left side of head. But i can't just stop everything and dwell on this pain, and so i have to go on with my usual activities with this persisting pain. Im so unfortunate i could not immediately have the dentist check it out, because lately my pockets are empty, i still have to wait for the next payday. Poor me. But life is always like this, no matter how much pain we are experiencing, it must always go on Smiley Pain is always an ingredient, but i believe it makes us stronger no matter how salty our lives could be. And the penny problem? God will always find a way to help us cope with our problems. Smiley


I purchased last Thursday a book entitled GONEGOSYO by Joey Concepcion. It's a about 50 Inspiring Entrepreneurial Stories of Filipinos. I have been damn wanting to buy this book for almost 2 months, and finally, my BPI credit limit allowed me to have this book rest on my own bookshelf. I am no business woman, but i believe that one way to look at the brighter side of life is to read inspiring successful stories. I have heard some of the stories written in this book and was very inspired, so when i spotted this manuscript, i cannot help but crave for it Cheesy Well, it did serve its purpose, im currently on 78th page and have read the stories behind Island Souvenirs, LBC courier, Tallwood venture capital, Paolo Bediones' businesses, Belo Medical Group, Jolibee Food Corporation, Del Monte Philippines, Bench,Level Up Ragnarok, Buhi Corp (the one that sets the fishes to sleep) and Concepcion Industries. Was i so inspired! I have observed that some of these people started off small. I still have a lot to learn till page 316.. Cheesy So in my curious mind maybe i'm starting to brainstorm on the suitable business i'd have should i resign from my work Cheesy Nyahahaha.
Just last night, i was chatting with a friend. I dont know what suddenly went through my mind, all i knew is that my sanity went kaput when he mentioned something that didn't seem melody to my ears.

He said he knew me well, judging from our acquaintance of barely less than half a year. He was insisting that he knew me so well, maybe, rooting his judgment from what had transpired for the last months.

Yes, maybe it was something i did, or something stupid i had shown, but no one here could ever really know each other unless we have been together for over our entire lives. I think it's not fair for us to be told that they knew us very well for us to be judged by him/her accordingly.

Sigh. My energy level suddenly dropped off due to this conversation last night, and i was really feeling so debilitated by anger, Cheesy hehehe. Sorry for that. (Kala ko nga magno-nose bleed na ko.lols)

It's not always what-you-see-is-what-you-get. People have to dig deeper for us to know the real person. Couples who have been together for more than a century claim they knew their partners very well, but surprises them when suddenly they feel aloof for some reasons they can't even explain. Ever heard of lovers who are together for so long yet wished to be separated suddenly claiming they just don't know each other anymore? And people who have to tread different paths in order for them to fully understood themselves alone? There are even long lists of instances when people conclude that a lifetime is not even enough to know a person.

We all have masks to wear. We maybe showing just a quirk of our character with people whom we have just met, especially over the net. And so it doesn't surprise me that the possibility of meeting real and true persons over the net is very slim. Yet, we maybe lucky enough when true and real persons enter our lives, we could only be thankful for the very grace of Him leading us and the right person to friendship and happiness.

I think it is best possible for us to be flexible to the people we mingle with, to be open-minded to the individuality in each of us. We are created in our own uniqueness, and so for me, i think it is imperative that we do not judge each other by what we just see in them. Just as a book should not judged by its cover, and so are we, individuals, should not be judged hastily.

And to my friend, yes, you are always entitled to your own opinion. I harbor no guilt in you. You will always be my friend. If somewhat i have shown negativity in my character over the months we have been acquainted, it's just me. (I believe we all have those little devils in us. Come on, admit it, .heheheh ) And i want you to trust me that though it is not going to be an easy ride of life for me, i can always hang on.Thanks for showing me your concern, and for scrutinizing my quirk of character that you thought you knew well for so long. But in my humble opinion you still haven't. Peace yoh.

And to the single person out there who has been caring for me, i am sorry for the insentivity i have shown. Yet you stayed with me inspite of my imperfections and flaws. Thanks for not judging me, for accepting me for who i am. Thank you also for exerting your Herculean efforts in taking time to understand me, and the fairy little devils in my character. I know God has his own ways of settings things into the right places. **tears, tears, tears**

I will always feel very blessed because of my friends in and outside of this home. To my friends who has been so loving and caring yet care less of the negativity in me, thank you very much. You will always be rewarded of your own kindness Smiley I wish to reward you with mine also. I wish to spend my lifetime with you so that hand in hand, let us know each other fair enough to celebrate life and friendship.

We have a lifetime of friendship to vouch for the familiarity in each of us.