Friday, September 28, 2007

Muriatic acid

My mind was complaining. I have been overdoing the design revision of ATR-11 from star-ejector to single knock-out design, yet, after almost a year, i haven't finalized the design, endorsed and submitted. I have been bombarded by complains regarding the present operational problems of the old design, and maybe, deaf i was not to prioritize it. There had been inner conversations inside my head. Should i finish it or not. Then suddenly, in my hallucinations, i overheard my boss... "Finish the revision.......or else....i'll finish you first....*big evil laugh..BWAHAHAHAHAHA*"


Felt like peeing. So off i went to the comfort room.

Ewww. The smell stinks.

Muriatic acid. The janitor must have poured some in our toilet bowl. There had been yellow stains in it. Sometimes, you just can't identify where these yellow stains come from. Are these scales from the water? or just residues of...uhhmmm..never mind (ulk)

Muriatic acid.

Muriatic acid is the commercial name for hydrochloric acid. Browsing through the wikipedia, it is the aqueous (water-based) solution of hydrogen chloride gas (HCl). It is a strong acid, the major component of gastric acid and of wide industrial use. Hydrochloric acid must be handled with appropriate safety precautions because it is a highly corrosive liquid.

I for myself prefer muriatic acid for use in cleaning our comfort room. Being a strong acid, it can remove the dirt and stains an ordinary cleaner (say clorox) can't do.
It also amazes me that after pouring it into the object with stains, the chemical reaction takes place in front of my eyes, bubbles formed and poisonous gases are released. Welcome to the world of chemistry!

I cannot count how many times i must have inhaled this gaseous release (i have been cleaning the comfort room since i had my first tooth!lols) I can still remember how i choked to death due to the inhalation this gas, i scampered out from the comfort room begging for my life. A glass of water did save me. (I drank the water of course, were you thinking i doused my whole face in it??ggggggggrrrrrrrr) If i could count how many times it did gave me another life, this must have been my 103rd life to live. Oh, that was just an exxageration. :)

Add to that the scorching on my skin when i happen to come in contact with it. It burns, it stings, wheew. There's an inner voice that scolds me whenever i wear gloves in cleaning the comfort room. HANDS-ON. I'd hear the voice commanding me. The hell whoever it is, but i did follow whatever he tells me to do. SIR YES SIR. HANDS ON SIR. I WILL REMOVE MY GLOVES SIR. My sanity is lost i guess. lols.

These are just some of my "fortunate" mishaps in my quest for a clean and gleaming comfort room. Would i say i have passion for muriatic acid? haha.
or muriatic means the world to me?haha again.

This whole muriatic thing just popped through my mind. My life has always been a struggle. There had been a lot of muriatic acids poured into my life. Dual burdens of an immensely increased workload. Problems which bugged me down, most are stentorian in condemnation, with a keen sense of hogging my energies. Yes, they choke me to death, sting, burn, scorch. I’ve known these problems to singe my soul. I have a lifetime of experience to vouch for it.

More often, when we are bombarded by problems, our initial reactions cannot be explained nor calculated by the simplest to complex chemical formulas. No amount of wisdom could ever explain what we really feel when we are faced with legions of obstacle that strangles us.

But then, these problems are the elements of life which make us better persons. These cleanse the dirt in us, though often through painful ways. After going through a difficult situation, we are expected to emerge gleaming with dignity, pride and success, having gone through all the burning and scorching of our souls. And through his, we learn a lot.

Sometimes, it takes a painful situation to change our ways and to alter our perspective.