Sunday, September 23, 2007

Just last night, i was chatting with a friend. I dont know what suddenly went through my mind, all i knew is that my sanity went kaput when he mentioned something that didn't seem melody to my ears.

He said he knew me well, judging from our acquaintance of barely less than half a year. He was insisting that he knew me so well, maybe, rooting his judgment from what had transpired for the last months.

Yes, maybe it was something i did, or something stupid i had shown, but no one here could ever really know each other unless we have been together for over our entire lives. I think it's not fair for us to be told that they knew us very well for us to be judged by him/her accordingly.

Sigh. My energy level suddenly dropped off due to this conversation last night, and i was really feeling so debilitated by anger, Cheesy hehehe. Sorry for that. (Kala ko nga magno-nose bleed na ko.lols)

It's not always what-you-see-is-what-you-get. People have to dig deeper for us to know the real person. Couples who have been together for more than a century claim they knew their partners very well, but surprises them when suddenly they feel aloof for some reasons they can't even explain. Ever heard of lovers who are together for so long yet wished to be separated suddenly claiming they just don't know each other anymore? And people who have to tread different paths in order for them to fully understood themselves alone? There are even long lists of instances when people conclude that a lifetime is not even enough to know a person.

We all have masks to wear. We maybe showing just a quirk of our character with people whom we have just met, especially over the net. And so it doesn't surprise me that the possibility of meeting real and true persons over the net is very slim. Yet, we maybe lucky enough when true and real persons enter our lives, we could only be thankful for the very grace of Him leading us and the right person to friendship and happiness.

I think it is best possible for us to be flexible to the people we mingle with, to be open-minded to the individuality in each of us. We are created in our own uniqueness, and so for me, i think it is imperative that we do not judge each other by what we just see in them. Just as a book should not judged by its cover, and so are we, individuals, should not be judged hastily.

And to my friend, yes, you are always entitled to your own opinion. I harbor no guilt in you. You will always be my friend. If somewhat i have shown negativity in my character over the months we have been acquainted, it's just me. (I believe we all have those little devils in us. Come on, admit it, .heheheh ) And i want you to trust me that though it is not going to be an easy ride of life for me, i can always hang on.Thanks for showing me your concern, and for scrutinizing my quirk of character that you thought you knew well for so long. But in my humble opinion you still haven't. Peace yoh.

And to the single person out there who has been caring for me, i am sorry for the insentivity i have shown. Yet you stayed with me inspite of my imperfections and flaws. Thanks for not judging me, for accepting me for who i am. Thank you also for exerting your Herculean efforts in taking time to understand me, and the fairy little devils in my character. I know God has his own ways of settings things into the right places. **tears, tears, tears**

I will always feel very blessed because of my friends in and outside of this home. To my friends who has been so loving and caring yet care less of the negativity in me, thank you very much. You will always be rewarded of your own kindness Smiley I wish to reward you with mine also. I wish to spend my lifetime with you so that hand in hand, let us know each other fair enough to celebrate life and friendship.

We have a lifetime of friendship to vouch for the familiarity in each of us.