Sunday, September 23, 2007

It was a gloomy Sunday morning. Slept past 11 last night, woke up with a headache at 730am, but was feeling so relieved because i don't need to rush to work. I got no "layas" sked this Sunday, (which i became used to since my friends became so addicted with their gfs and bfs im not quite sure if they still recognize my existence, huhuhu)

I'm so damn lazy to get my ass to work on household chores, so i guess i am again stroked in front this pc again. Rain is pouring outside, lovely day for ducks! The possibility of drying my clothes is so slim... huhuhuh

I'm not feeling well for the past week, must have been due to this molar (up and down) and the deferred pain could be felt all over the left side of head. But i can't just stop everything and dwell on this pain, and so i have to go on with my usual activities with this persisting pain. Im so unfortunate i could not immediately have the dentist check it out, because lately my pockets are empty, i still have to wait for the next payday. Poor me. But life is always like this, no matter how much pain we are experiencing, it must always go on Smiley Pain is always an ingredient, but i believe it makes us stronger no matter how salty our lives could be. And the penny problem? God will always find a way to help us cope with our problems. Smiley


I purchased last Thursday a book entitled GONEGOSYO by Joey Concepcion. It's a about 50 Inspiring Entrepreneurial Stories of Filipinos. I have been damn wanting to buy this book for almost 2 months, and finally, my BPI credit limit allowed me to have this book rest on my own bookshelf. I am no business woman, but i believe that one way to look at the brighter side of life is to read inspiring successful stories. I have heard some of the stories written in this book and was very inspired, so when i spotted this manuscript, i cannot help but crave for it Cheesy Well, it did serve its purpose, im currently on 78th page and have read the stories behind Island Souvenirs, LBC courier, Tallwood venture capital, Paolo Bediones' businesses, Belo Medical Group, Jolibee Food Corporation, Del Monte Philippines, Bench,Level Up Ragnarok, Buhi Corp (the one that sets the fishes to sleep) and Concepcion Industries. Was i so inspired! I have observed that some of these people started off small. I still have a lot to learn till page 316.. Cheesy So in my curious mind maybe i'm starting to brainstorm on the suitable business i'd have should i resign from my work Cheesy Nyahahaha.