Friday, September 28, 2007

This is a story of a prince and princess who fell in love to each other. Unfortunately, their kingdoms are miles apart, but they insisted on fulfilling their love for each other.
It was a very difficult situation for both of them. Life gets rocky sometimes.

Just as when they are about to give up, the prince sent her princess a letter :

Stay With Me...

Stay with me, love
when dawn arrives;
kiss me like the morning rays.
Don't let the magic
we shared in the night
flitter with the light of day.

Stay with me
Be at my side.
We've not yet attained our noon.
Let's cast off the hands of time,
and dance beneath
a lover's moon.

Stay with me
when the sky grows dim
and a zillion stars come
to play their evening song,
Touch me again and again.
Stay with me long.

God knows how much I have Loved YOU, just always take care whatever you do. Wala man ako sa paningin mo, isipin mong nandyan lang ako sa tabi mo. I'm always here for you

(bilingual ang prinsipe natin dito ha.weheheh.)


And so the princess scribbled an epistle to his prince also:

It is my belief that our relationship transcends beyond the stream of messages.When i first learned that my heart beats for the prince in you, i examined myself, and realize that the feelings are so authentic, so real it can go far beyond where you are right now, miles apart from me.

Yes, it is possible for two people to be inloved with each other even though distance separates them. As pristine as the love that is felt by two people falling for each other without physically being together, without coming face to face.
And i very well know this. Because i have loved you in these instances.

Yes, you indeed rocked my world. Feeling you so close to me. Hearing you so clearly. You are so real to me my prince. And thankful i am so much for having met you. How much more could i be thankful that i have been loved by you. Cared by you. Treasured by you. Bliss.

I have never been loved like this before. Never been adored like this in the past summers of my life. Only you have touched me this strangely. This enigmatic. And was i drawn to you in a fleeting moment.

But i haven't been so warily in our relationship. A wall of indifference had somehow been constructed between us without my being aware of it. And yes, i had my fair share on it. Redundantly doing what you requested me not to do. Repeatedly commiting the things that hurt you. Yes, it is only now that i have become so aware of it. How foolish of me.

I apologize for the coldness that you felt with my affection. While it's the emptiness that you can perceive in our relationship, i haven't been aware that i have been projecting it, for deep inside me, i am still wounded by so many things. I am sorry for not having gone into the intricate details of my internal sufferings. For i do not want to be a burden to you. All i ever hoped for is to make this relationship better than our pasts. Happier than before. Blithely than we can ever wished for.

Admittedly, i enjoyed the comforts of being sorrounded by friends. Being alone in my life's struggles for quite a long time has taught me that pains are lessened when shared with friends who cushion the blow. Yet i know love and friendship are two different things. There's a thin line between the two, i guess, but i assure you i know very well myself as to where i stand. My friends had enabled me to survive these long years of pain and suffering. But my love has always been my reason for living. And you being my love, you are my life to which i want to live.

I am heartily sorry for my shortcomings. I want to share a life with you. I have loved you far beyond you can imagine. I .Thank you for taking time in taking care of me. I have been ignorant of so many things due to some disturbances which i cannot again disclose. But i hope everything will be okay.

I choose to stay. Even if you dont want me to. Even if you are cursing me. Even if you are very angry to me. Even if you dont love me.

I'll stay.

And wait....

until we can be together.


aw. nakakatouch ang kwento db.