Thursday, October 30, 2008


thanks JMARK for these wonderful works of art


i love you ely :D

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

BAGUIO BEANS by Jovito Cariño

Last weekend, Cel, Lance and I went to Baguio for a budget “R and R” in the company of some friends. We call ourselves Baguio Beans.

This is actually the revived version of Baguio Beans. The original group was composed of mainly office personnel of OSA (Office of Student Affairs in Letran-Calamba) and some selected student volunteers. It was in Baguio where that name was hatched, when we went there for an off-school evaluation and planning activity some four or five years ago; from then on, the group called itself with that tag.

I have long ago left Letran-Calamba but I remain in touch with the group. Sadly, efforts to organize a reunion with them have all been unfruitful; some were too busy to come, others were just too busy to text back; it’s probably their new priorities or maybe they have outgrown what Baguio Beans was.

Early this year however, I had a chance to meet two of the original members of the group (Avel and Ice) and apparently, they are interested too to revive the spirit of Baguio Beans, if not with the original group, at least with our other friends at the OSA. Many texts and a couple of meetings later, Baguio Beans, the revival, was born.

It was, as I said, a budget trip, the primary purpose being to come together rather than to come and see a particular place. Baguio was a common choice because of its accessibility and ease on our pockets. Per head cost includes P770 for a two-way bus fare, P250 lodging and P500 for meals; that’s roughly P1520 per person, throw in a few extra bucks for sundry expenses and the usual pasalubong (Cel and I restricted ourselves to 1/4 kilo of lettuce, three kinds of them, half a kilo of sweet peas and Romana peanuts).

To be able to join the trip, Cel and I decided to delay our June payment for the equity of the house where we are to due to move in soon. Despite our tight budget situation, we thought the trip was worth spending for. We realized it can be a great experience for us to bond as a family. It can also give Lance great moments to enjoy and remember before he goes back to school. It can also be a wonderful opportunity for Cel and I to reconnect with our friends and to refresh, as I said, old ties. When it comes to family and friends, cost is not a mere expense but investment.

We have a rather interesting set of friends in Baguio Beans. None of them are our contemporaries nor batchmates nor officemates. They are former student-volunteers at the OSA of Letran-Calamba where Cel and I used to work. We are working in different schools now and these friends have long graduated from college too yet our bond with them remains tight-knit and communication, constant. Avel is no longer a staff at OSA but he’s still working in Letran-Calamba at the HR Department; Joseph is still attached with Letran but hooked with a different girl now; Ice is already an Engineer, has found a charming girlfriend (but she was not in the trip), and is now hunting for a more challenging job after quitting his previous work; Lois is also an Engineer, is still tied to her first work of five years but is no longer tied with her boyfriend of five-years also (sad...); Jack is already married, is still working as a management staff of Caleruega Retreat House while her husband Rommel is in Mexico busy earning dollars; Jack is also a self-confessed collector (read: addict) of flip-flops specifically, Havaianas.

The trip was fun, every moment of it and it sure was a great proof that one that does not need to be extra moneyed to experience life at its sweetest; one only needs the heart to be happy and a set of friends to share it with.

There are friendly people and there are friends.

Friendly people can easily charm you with a smile, make you feel at ease at the first instance of conversation, win you over with a simple inflection of voice. This type you can meet in sales agents, in insurance underwriters, in politicians, in practically every person who make you feel special because they need something from you (the user-friendly type). In their eyes, you are important because you are a prospective provider of what they need.

Friends are a different breed. They are people you grow up with, people who allow you to discover themselves as you likewise discover yourself; they are people who let you in into their inner spaces, without inhibition, without pretension, and in their stark simplicity, make you feel at home. They are the kind of people who can make a trip to Baguio in two compressed days such an easy feat. The body aches, the empty wallet afterwards and the eyes screaming for sleep are but puny remembrances of an experience that is hard to forget as it is difficult to forego because it is very, very rare.


tama ka aris. masarap talaga 'to basahin paulit-ulit.


It was a very stressful and depressing day.

My heart's been bleeding last night. I missed those important persons who have once colored my life. Been trying hard to get in touch with my Kuya Melvin but all my attempts have failed. Really got me into tears just before i closed my eyes. He must have forgotten his little sister :(

I missed also the coffeebean :(


Left the office at 9am for an outside monthly meeting of TSC in TBPC (Calamba). Went back at almost 3pm.

I was indeed stressed and depressed. My lifesaver has increased its requirements and i don't have any to spare. I couldn't get my work done, i am disturbed and I WANT TO DIE. Instantly.

But i just can't shoot myself and die.

I could always pretend to be happy and jolly and see the world in different ways. I could enjoy a very funny and interesting conversation without them knowing how painful i am feeling inside.


17:20] friend: wala ka klase?
[17:20] kerstinne25: wala pa
[17:20] friend: ahh sowi sembreak nga pala
[17:20] kerstinne25: sembreak pa
[17:20] kerstinne25: ) uu nga
[17:21] friend: hihihi
[17:21] friend: saya naman
[17:21] friend:
[17:21] friend: buti pa sila may sembreak
[17:21] kerstinne25: oo nga e
[17:21] kerstinne25: kami alang bakasyon
[17:21] kerstinne25:
[17:22] friend: ako din kaya
[17:22] friend: pero keri lang
[17:22] friend: ako gumagawa ng sarili ko bakasyon
[17:22] friend:
[17:22] kerstinne25: ako lging absent..undertym..etc
[17:22] friend: hehehe
[17:22] friend: kasi nga ang baba ng iyong engagement and satisfaction level
[17:22] friend:
[17:23] kerstinne25:
[17:23] kerstinne25: anu daw?
[17:23] friend: hahaha
[17:23] friend: work satisfaction and work engagement level mo
[17:23] friend: mababa
[17:24] friend:
[17:24] kerstinne25:
[17:24] friend: meron kasi kame nyan dito sa accenture
[17:25] Meebo Message: friend is offline


"kasi nga ang baba ng iyong engagement and satisfaction level"

hindi ko talaga agad naintindihan ito. off-topic ba or baka wala lang talaga ako sa sarili kanina. ang alam ko lang, may mga luhang nag uunahang pumatak. hindi ko na din alam kung para saan....

Friday, October 24, 2008


How to tell if you need to pray at work


Thanks Karissa for this email. Now i'm praying already

Wednesday, October 22, 2008



naipit na naman ang kaliwang hintuturo ko sa dalawang bakal kanina sa engineering office.

sabi ko na nga ba...

malas talaga ako.


Tuesday, October 21, 2008


I had a chance to chew on a very delectable Kangaroo meat from Australia. Thanks to Pareng Ron, it was real yummy.

I haven't had the chance to take a picture of it, because my dear good friend Jojit hasn't returned my digicam yet. But it was more of beefy-like meat, tastes good when marinated and roasted.

According to studies, Kangaroo meat is ideal for maintaining a balanced diet. Kangaroo meat is low in cholesterol and fat and high in protein and minerals.

Below is the nutritional benefits of Kangaroo as compared to other meat:
(Source: Food GL & Fogerty AC. 1982. The fatty acids of kangaroo and wallaby meat.CSIRO Food Research Quarterly, 42, 57-61).
Protein (%) Fat (%) Kilojoules
(per 100g)
P/M/S ratio Cholesterol
Kangaroo 24 1-3 500 1.5(1)1 56 2.6
Lean Lamb 22 2-7 530 0.1(0.9)1 66 1.8
Lean Beef 22 2-5 500 0.1(0.9)1 67 3.5
Lean Pork 23 1-3 440 0.2(1.3)1 50 1.0
Lean Chicken Breast 23 2 470 0.4(1.5)1 50 0.6
Rabbit 22 2-4 520 0.8(0.5)1 70 1.0


Pare next time ulit ha :D

Sunday, October 19, 2008

frustrated max payner

My mind had been set for a weekend of relaxation with my Ate Kims and hopefully, with Krystler. We were supposed to watch Max Payne,

unfortunately, i was harassed again by the Boss to finish the Kaizen project.

when will i be free?

Saturday, October 18, 2008


I've been sooooooooo exhausted for the past few days.

Been going home super late due to insistent Boss' demand.
We've been doin the company's manuscript and presentation for the Kaizen competition in Toyota come November 12.
Sucks a lot really.
I ain't part of the Kaizen group.
I'm just this someone whom the Boss' had asked to help the group. (or harassed?)
But you know what really happened?
Seems like I've been been exerting my 101% effort while all of them had been exerting just... a minute fraction of their time and effort.
Sucks really.
And i hate it.

Friday, October 17, 2008

the "K" (part2)

Oh maybe it's in my genes :) Hahahaha.

I got the part two of my "katangahan" just last night, nung naipit ung right thumb ko sa pinto ng sasakyan.


Kung hindi ba naman talaga ako pinaglalaruan ng pagkakataon....

Tsk tsk tsk.

Pinagdadasal ko nga na sana ay wag naman mamatay ung kuko ko.

My right thumb swelled to a whopping 13mm (left side view)
May internal hemorrhage pa sa may cuticle.

Tsk tsk tsk.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008


It was raining on a Tuesday morning. I was lucky enough to park the car in the last two remaining slots in the covered area. As soon as the engine ceased its life, i immediately double checked everything before i got out of the car: handbreak pulled, wiper off, aircon off, freshener closed and backseat doors locked. I scanned the floor for some mess and seeing none, i rifled through my bag and pulled my three-fold umbrella.

Before i got out of the car, i noticed the mist that settled in the windshield had fine dust particles, so before it dries up to a stain, I slipped right back into the same hectic frenzy and grabbed the rag underneath the seat. I got out of the car with my bag and umbrella resting on the driver's seat, carefully sweep the windshield, windows and the mirrors outside the car.

I suddenly heard something snapped in its place.

Oh, the door!

I must have unconsciously bumped into it. WHoah.

I checked to see if it locked itself, with my car key and it's duplicate right inside my bag which is... right inside the car :D

And yes. It did lock itself.

I choked back the hysteria that threatened to explode, but a small giggle managed to get out. Ah..silly me.

I glanced around to see if there are witnesses to my stupidity. I happened to see Leo, one of our company drivers, approaching the blue Revo parked three cars away from me. Hiding a secret twinge of regret, i waved at him, and as he approached me, i told him i got the door locked and left my key inside my bag which is ...yeah..inside the car.

He went back to his Revo, opened its hood, and pulled something in its machine.
Ahh, the oil dip stick.
I wondered what he was up to. He then stood next to me, I watched him as he wiped the dip stick with the same rag that i used a while ago. He slipped the cleaned dip stick underneath my door handle. Hmmnn..will he be able to unlock it? I hoped and i prayed.

He didn't get it unlocked the first try. He switched from the left and right door and still didn't get it. I can see the inside lock slightly move as he inserts the stick to and from.

All the agitation dissolved as soon as he asked me to checked the other door as he might have hit an unlocker wire in his... nth try.

I breathed a sigh of relief as i approached the other door, grabbed the handle, and voila! got the door wide opened. (Welcome back silly Lois!) I immediately snatched my bag inside, and smiled back at Leo, as i closed the door again.

Whoah. Thank heavens Leo rescued me. I don't know what i would do next if he hadn't helped me.

According to Sir Rolly, "may tawag jan Lois... "

*big evil grin*

Yeah i know.

It's the BIG, LETTER "K". (The word comes in gigantic bold fonts, followed by a litany of indictment in equally huge fonts)

Sunday, October 12, 2008


I've been sick since yesterday.

Extreme headache.Fever. Urrrgghhh.

Can't even stand.

Bedridden for almost the whole day.

Missed Carl Daniel's christening :(

Missed the coffeebean :(

Saturday, October 11, 2008


I am a full-blooded Filipino and i am raised in such a way that my natural predilection is into being a hospitable person, a characteristic that is more often clumped in a Pinoy. And so that explains why most of the times, i am compelled to offer a cup of coffee to any visitor in our engineering building, though some would note that it is way beyond my job description as a staff engineer. Mr. Serra once noted that preparing a cup of coffee for these Japanese boss wouldn't hurt us a lot considering this is one of the many ways to welcome them in our AFC family.

I could still remember those mornings when Pareng Ronnie and I had to alternately prepare a cup of coffee to our former boss, Mr. Fukaya. We'd love to hear him sip the hot coffee that we had prepared.

Just recently, we had a visiting Japanese engineer, Mr. Maejima. And just as i often do, i offered him a cup of coffee when i once saw him becoming tired, exhausted and sleepy in an afternoon. Everytime i had to prepare a cup of coffee of my own, i made an extra effort of preparing a cup for Mr. Maejima also, even if it meant sparing my own 3-in-1 stocks (na ninenok namin ni Leizah sa TSC seminar

Friday, October 10. I was in Puerto Azul for the TSC 2009 Hoshin Preparation when Reggie, Mr. Maejima's interpreter texted me, saying Mr. Maejima is off to go back to Japan on that same day, and that he left me a gift in my workstation. I was really surprised and of course, elated. I didn't expect things to go that way.

As soon as i got back to the company, i hurriedly checked the gift in the office.



Please accept this as a token of my appreciation for your kindness during my stay in AFC. Thank you.


pink hankies. love it!

Monday, October 6, 2008


Saw this in a blog ..

So i "googled" my name also. Gaya-gaya ako e. hahaha

  • My family name is the 82344th most common family name in the United States
  • My family name occurs 213 times in the most recent US Census (2000)

  • 0.08 out of every 100,000 people in the United States have the family name ****
  • 50.23% are White
  • 0% are Black
  • 8.92% are Hispanic (any)
  • 34.74% are Asian / Pacific Islander
  • 0% are American Indian / Native American
  • 3.29% are Two or More
  • Wala ung first name ko sa parehong list
Hhhhmmmnnn... how come 50.23% of those having the same surname as mine are white? May discrimination ba?

Saturday, October 4, 2008


Woke up late this morning (what's new :D) Dreamt of someone very, very, very close to my heart. Oh how i miss the coffeebean.

Driving my way to office, i was singing loud to "Peace it together" by Eraserheads.

Pusong punit-punit..
Let's peace it together.."

Funny to infuse myself with thoughts on fostering world peace while at the back of my mind, i am planning a major coup against &%$*@$#Q!!%##%&$&*%*(#& Kume.

Ahahaha. Happy 2nd monthsary to me and the tale of the neverending nevergiven (never-been-touched-never-been-kissed-never-been-killed-but-will-do-so-in-the-next-few-days) gasoline allowance. :hat:

Yep. I have enrolled myself in an artillery training to be fully equipped when the warfare is officially on. Ooopssss. No large-calibre guns here though. Ehe. I am now taking indulgence in the PSP game Worms Open Warfare 2.

Still on training mode, i take too much pleasure in killing the worms of the other camp, with the explicit image of $&^@$%*$&^%!%^%!#$%#!$ Kume's head in place of those cutie little worms. Oh i love how my mind autoprograms itself in detecting scoundrels like him. Oh how i would love throwing to him the fireballs of hell for real..

Friday, October 3, 2008


Darkness Fell

Twilight had settled in.

I wish i could embrace the coming of twilight as much as i have embraced the setting of the sun.

In a fleeting moment, i was drowned in the midst of my emotions. Lost in the tiny wisps of time that hung in the air like fireflies in summer skies.

I miss the sunlight. It embraces me in the heat of d day, but scorches enough for me to feel the real pain. It reminds me that there's comfort in being submissive, yet stings when more than enough has been given. The torment shall eventually subside, but the remnants of agony will still linger.

I always find my sunlight when the twilight started to settle in. How can i stop the sunlight from hiding its beams? I am nothing. I can do nothing.No amount of energy can make my sunlight stay. For I do not own my sunlight.

I can feel the surroundings ease up as the twilight began to set in its place. The rays of the sunlight is slowly fading away to its oblivion.Slowly disappearing into this mundane world. How i would miss it, when it would cradle me in its rays, rock me on its beams, and brightens me in the dark. It gives me a thousands of reasons for living, for celebrating, for enjoying life. And while the twilight begins to flail wildly like a moth against the porch light, i felt a crispiness in the air that holds the promise of an early tomorrow.These are the moments when i'm struck by a deep sense of wonder, I can sometime loose track of time when staring at this awe.It is When these things are happening that i often find myself filled with longing, though im at a loss to tell you what it is that i feel my life is missing.

As the twilight envelopes the surroundings..i drowned myself in a state of oblivion. I shall forget the pains i had when the sunlight is flashing through. For tomorrow, i look forward to another day of celebration. Darkness will follow, and again, i will miss my sunlight. But I should be inspired by the realization that there will be stars to stare at, which are the magic of life's mysteries.




Pero dito sa office ayaw pa din :furious:
Magtrabaho daw ako ng maayos :slap:

Thursday, October 2, 2008


Parang antagal naman ng 2 weeks :(

Can't wait.

I gotta see my doc.


She stands beneath the mystic moon
As her love sleeps on the canopy
It would not slumber on a lagoon
Where the shadows are weak and weary.

Soft may the words of the wanton airs
It could always wave a melancholy
A tomb of sorrow is what it bares
but her solemn silence will be kept more holy

The beauty sleeps in its sacred keep
O, lady bright on her own fate
Heaven endures her as passion lies hidden
Not a knight or a vagabond would keep here awake.

But waft the damsel on her dreams
Her innocence molders her own destiny
May the alluring entity which springs
Gleam up her night musically.


I saw Ten's entry in her multiply blog about a video done by the present staff of the Knight Publication.

I then found myself walking down the memory lane and it really hit me, was i so nostalgic in the next minutes.

I have always loved the Knight Publication and i have dedicated my entire college life to this institution along with my burning desire to act, serve and foster positive change to the studentry.

Dang, i really miss those overnight lay outs with our mixed shitty attitudes and shitty tempers!

And I miss them too. So much.
Chris Garcia/Doy Patalot/Marc Brian Torres/Diana Estelon/Van Evangelista/Allan Lianza/Catherine Tan/Donabel Morales/Esperanza Sicat/Reginald Villanueva/Nerian Guyang/Joan May De Leon/Ethylene Lombos/Vernadeth Gualberto/Christopher Laco/Jennifer Natividad/Paul Legion/Maymin Go/Rossette Vicente/Tiffany Morales/Agnes Villegas/Gazelle Suazo/Reginald Apolinario/Cecil Liwanag/Migs Alvarez/ Jojit Larino/ Johnell Gutierrez/August Alcasabas/Roberto Sangel/Ice Salcedo/Smile Matienzo/Kia Diaz/Ederle Mas/Jeffrey Amon/Milben Lapitan/Chustine Fermin/NINA SAN MIGUEL





My YM and cellphone got bombarded by messages from beloved symbianizers (Certified Symbianize Addicts) asking when the site would be online again. I can feel that level of longingness that makes us all desperate for a virtual home.

I have read Purpleskyz recent entry on her multiply blog about Symbianize going offline and my heart swelled with joy upon realizing how this site has transformed our lives from casual dummies to uber addicted cybernerds to real close superfriends (and also from diligent and disciplined workers to delinquent laborers. hehe)

Symbianize is upgrading its server in order for us to be served better. So just relax and be patient. While our virtual home is temporarily closed, let us allow our minds to comtemplate on something that so resolutely parallels with our addicted cybernetic nature. Anu-ano un? Indi ko din alam. Bwahahaha.



While we are not yet sure when the site will be online.. you can temporarily shout all you want in the cbox that i will be placing in my blogsite. Pero that will be done mamayang gabi. I'm still busy working hard here at the office :liar:

MADSLAP ulit sa lahat.