Tuesday, October 14, 2008


It was raining on a Tuesday morning. I was lucky enough to park the car in the last two remaining slots in the covered area. As soon as the engine ceased its life, i immediately double checked everything before i got out of the car: handbreak pulled, wiper off, aircon off, freshener closed and backseat doors locked. I scanned the floor for some mess and seeing none, i rifled through my bag and pulled my three-fold umbrella.

Before i got out of the car, i noticed the mist that settled in the windshield had fine dust particles, so before it dries up to a stain, I slipped right back into the same hectic frenzy and grabbed the rag underneath the seat. I got out of the car with my bag and umbrella resting on the driver's seat, carefully sweep the windshield, windows and the mirrors outside the car.

I suddenly heard something snapped in its place.

Oh, the door!

I must have unconsciously bumped into it. WHoah.

I checked to see if it locked itself, with my car key and it's duplicate right inside my bag which is... right inside the car :D

And yes. It did lock itself.

I choked back the hysteria that threatened to explode, but a small giggle managed to get out. Ah..silly me.

I glanced around to see if there are witnesses to my stupidity. I happened to see Leo, one of our company drivers, approaching the blue Revo parked three cars away from me. Hiding a secret twinge of regret, i waved at him, and as he approached me, i told him i got the door locked and left my key inside my bag which is ...yeah..inside the car.

He went back to his Revo, opened its hood, and pulled something in its machine.
Ahh, the oil dip stick.
I wondered what he was up to. He then stood next to me, I watched him as he wiped the dip stick with the same rag that i used a while ago. He slipped the cleaned dip stick underneath my door handle. Hmmnn..will he be able to unlock it? I hoped and i prayed.

He didn't get it unlocked the first try. He switched from the left and right door and still didn't get it. I can see the inside lock slightly move as he inserts the stick to and from.

All the agitation dissolved as soon as he asked me to checked the other door as he might have hit an unlocker wire in his... nth try.

I breathed a sigh of relief as i approached the other door, grabbed the handle, and voila! got the door wide opened. (Welcome back silly Lois!) I immediately snatched my bag inside, and smiled back at Leo, as i closed the door again.

Whoah. Thank heavens Leo rescued me. I don't know what i would do next if he hadn't helped me.

According to Sir Rolly, "may tawag jan Lois... "

*big evil grin*

Yeah i know.

It's the BIG, LETTER "K". (The word comes in gigantic bold fonts, followed by a litany of indictment in equally huge fonts)


Knight Amigo said...

Well... the whole key-in-the-locked-car moment must've woken you up like a hundred litre turkish coffee, aint it? :P

Praps it's time to get one of those thingamajig, a magnetic hide-a-key where you can put one of your spare keys in (I'm pretty sure you have more than two) and tuck it in a spot where the sun doesn't shine. Where nobody else know - so you gotta do the tucking in the middle of the night preferably during a blackout or a hailstorm.

Lightning doesn't strike twice in the same spot, yeah... but it sure does make a good jump start for the day when it hits ya! :D