Wednesday, October 29, 2008


It was a very stressful and depressing day.

My heart's been bleeding last night. I missed those important persons who have once colored my life. Been trying hard to get in touch with my Kuya Melvin but all my attempts have failed. Really got me into tears just before i closed my eyes. He must have forgotten his little sister :(

I missed also the coffeebean :(


Left the office at 9am for an outside monthly meeting of TSC in TBPC (Calamba). Went back at almost 3pm.

I was indeed stressed and depressed. My lifesaver has increased its requirements and i don't have any to spare. I couldn't get my work done, i am disturbed and I WANT TO DIE. Instantly.

But i just can't shoot myself and die.

I could always pretend to be happy and jolly and see the world in different ways. I could enjoy a very funny and interesting conversation without them knowing how painful i am feeling inside.


17:20] friend: wala ka klase?
[17:20] kerstinne25: wala pa
[17:20] friend: ahh sowi sembreak nga pala
[17:20] kerstinne25: sembreak pa
[17:20] kerstinne25: ) uu nga
[17:21] friend: hihihi
[17:21] friend: saya naman
[17:21] friend:
[17:21] friend: buti pa sila may sembreak
[17:21] kerstinne25: oo nga e
[17:21] kerstinne25: kami alang bakasyon
[17:21] kerstinne25:
[17:22] friend: ako din kaya
[17:22] friend: pero keri lang
[17:22] friend: ako gumagawa ng sarili ko bakasyon
[17:22] friend:
[17:22] kerstinne25: ako lging absent..undertym..etc
[17:22] friend: hehehe
[17:22] friend: kasi nga ang baba ng iyong engagement and satisfaction level
[17:22] friend:
[17:23] kerstinne25:
[17:23] kerstinne25: anu daw?
[17:23] friend: hahaha
[17:23] friend: work satisfaction and work engagement level mo
[17:23] friend: mababa
[17:24] friend:
[17:24] kerstinne25:
[17:24] friend: meron kasi kame nyan dito sa accenture
[17:25] Meebo Message: friend is offline


"kasi nga ang baba ng iyong engagement and satisfaction level"

hindi ko talaga agad naintindihan ito. off-topic ba or baka wala lang talaga ako sa sarili kanina. ang alam ko lang, may mga luhang nag uunahang pumatak. hindi ko na din alam kung para saan....