Friday, October 3, 2008


Darkness Fell

Twilight had settled in.

I wish i could embrace the coming of twilight as much as i have embraced the setting of the sun.

In a fleeting moment, i was drowned in the midst of my emotions. Lost in the tiny wisps of time that hung in the air like fireflies in summer skies.

I miss the sunlight. It embraces me in the heat of d day, but scorches enough for me to feel the real pain. It reminds me that there's comfort in being submissive, yet stings when more than enough has been given. The torment shall eventually subside, but the remnants of agony will still linger.

I always find my sunlight when the twilight started to settle in. How can i stop the sunlight from hiding its beams? I am nothing. I can do nothing.No amount of energy can make my sunlight stay. For I do not own my sunlight.

I can feel the surroundings ease up as the twilight began to set in its place. The rays of the sunlight is slowly fading away to its oblivion.Slowly disappearing into this mundane world. How i would miss it, when it would cradle me in its rays, rock me on its beams, and brightens me in the dark. It gives me a thousands of reasons for living, for celebrating, for enjoying life. And while the twilight begins to flail wildly like a moth against the porch light, i felt a crispiness in the air that holds the promise of an early tomorrow.These are the moments when i'm struck by a deep sense of wonder, I can sometime loose track of time when staring at this awe.It is When these things are happening that i often find myself filled with longing, though im at a loss to tell you what it is that i feel my life is missing.

As the twilight envelopes the surroundings..i drowned myself in a state of oblivion. I shall forget the pains i had when the sunlight is flashing through. For tomorrow, i look forward to another day of celebration. Darkness will follow, and again, i will miss my sunlight. But I should be inspired by the realization that there will be stars to stare at, which are the magic of life's mysteries.