Saturday, October 4, 2008


Woke up late this morning (what's new :D) Dreamt of someone very, very, very close to my heart. Oh how i miss the coffeebean.

Driving my way to office, i was singing loud to "Peace it together" by Eraserheads.

Pusong punit-punit..
Let's peace it together.."

Funny to infuse myself with thoughts on fostering world peace while at the back of my mind, i am planning a major coup against &%$*@$#Q!!%##%&$&*%*(#& Kume.

Ahahaha. Happy 2nd monthsary to me and the tale of the neverending nevergiven (never-been-touched-never-been-kissed-never-been-killed-but-will-do-so-in-the-next-few-days) gasoline allowance. :hat:

Yep. I have enrolled myself in an artillery training to be fully equipped when the warfare is officially on. Ooopssss. No large-calibre guns here though. Ehe. I am now taking indulgence in the PSP game Worms Open Warfare 2.

Still on training mode, i take too much pleasure in killing the worms of the other camp, with the explicit image of $&^@$%*$&^%!%^%!#$%#!$ Kume's head in place of those cutie little worms. Oh i love how my mind autoprograms itself in detecting scoundrels like him. Oh how i would love throwing to him the fireballs of hell for real..