Thursday, October 2, 2008


I saw Ten's entry in her multiply blog about a video done by the present staff of the Knight Publication.

I then found myself walking down the memory lane and it really hit me, was i so nostalgic in the next minutes.

I have always loved the Knight Publication and i have dedicated my entire college life to this institution along with my burning desire to act, serve and foster positive change to the studentry.

Dang, i really miss those overnight lay outs with our mixed shitty attitudes and shitty tempers!

And I miss them too. So much.
Chris Garcia/Doy Patalot/Marc Brian Torres/Diana Estelon/Van Evangelista/Allan Lianza/Catherine Tan/Donabel Morales/Esperanza Sicat/Reginald Villanueva/Nerian Guyang/Joan May De Leon/Ethylene Lombos/Vernadeth Gualberto/Christopher Laco/Jennifer Natividad/Paul Legion/Maymin Go/Rossette Vicente/Tiffany Morales/Agnes Villegas/Gazelle Suazo/Reginald Apolinario/Cecil Liwanag/Migs Alvarez/ Jojit Larino/ Johnell Gutierrez/August Alcasabas/Roberto Sangel/Ice Salcedo/Smile Matienzo/Kia Diaz/Ederle Mas/Jeffrey Amon/Milben Lapitan/Chustine Fermin/NINA SAN MIGUEL


Anonymous said...

Nice to see my name here. Kumusta ka na Lois?