Saturday, October 11, 2008


I am a full-blooded Filipino and i am raised in such a way that my natural predilection is into being a hospitable person, a characteristic that is more often clumped in a Pinoy. And so that explains why most of the times, i am compelled to offer a cup of coffee to any visitor in our engineering building, though some would note that it is way beyond my job description as a staff engineer. Mr. Serra once noted that preparing a cup of coffee for these Japanese boss wouldn't hurt us a lot considering this is one of the many ways to welcome them in our AFC family.

I could still remember those mornings when Pareng Ronnie and I had to alternately prepare a cup of coffee to our former boss, Mr. Fukaya. We'd love to hear him sip the hot coffee that we had prepared.

Just recently, we had a visiting Japanese engineer, Mr. Maejima. And just as i often do, i offered him a cup of coffee when i once saw him becoming tired, exhausted and sleepy in an afternoon. Everytime i had to prepare a cup of coffee of my own, i made an extra effort of preparing a cup for Mr. Maejima also, even if it meant sparing my own 3-in-1 stocks (na ninenok namin ni Leizah sa TSC seminar

Friday, October 10. I was in Puerto Azul for the TSC 2009 Hoshin Preparation when Reggie, Mr. Maejima's interpreter texted me, saying Mr. Maejima is off to go back to Japan on that same day, and that he left me a gift in my workstation. I was really surprised and of course, elated. I didn't expect things to go that way.

As soon as i got back to the company, i hurriedly checked the gift in the office.



Please accept this as a token of my appreciation for your kindness during my stay in AFC. Thank you.


pink hankies. love it!