Thursday, May 3, 2012


I'd like to comfort myself that I’m still not cramming for the IELTS exam. But I know I am, as I can't concentrate on my work already, and all I want to do is to review and review and review. lol. I feel excited and nervous in equal measure, kind of afraid to throw away a lot of hard-earned bucks.   

I have started my IELTS review last month but I got occupied with pre-meditated disturbance in the face of Coco Martin. I've been bolted every night in front of the boob tube prying over Daniel's life in Walang Hanggan. I know I sound so cheapo, hahaha, but the airtime coincides with the best possible time I could relax and have my dinner after a day's hard labor at the forging plant. So what else could I do, but to eat and sit with Coco Martin in the lonesome nights of my life. #emotera

And the IELTS review I have started? Poof. Blame it to Coco Martin. lol.

But now that I have already submitted the requirements, I am just waiting for the exact time and location of the IELTS exam which is more probably to be scheduled on my .... tada!

Natal Day.

Isn't it... cool? What a better way to spend my birthday. I could hide from my dearies for a better purpose, spend my special day with a pen, paper and an interviewer. I could only ask our Good Lord for a perfect gift of 9.0 band score.

Oh well, I know I have to muster enough discipline to breeze through it and achieve an IELTS band score of 9.0 #ambisyosa Who knows, with my discipline, thorough practice and a lot of prayers, I might be able to conquer this battle and reach my target.

Sounds more challenging I guess.

And since I don't have enough time (and moolah) to spend on a formal review, I am challenging myself to a structured IELTS review schedule which I would do every night, one hour after Coco Martin's Walang Hanggan. *big evil grin*

And to those who'd like to have a copy of the IELTS review materials I am using, you may email me at