Saturday, May 5, 2012


I love Saturdays. It marks the last day of our workweek, and i am always more than excited to go home and spend a weekend off from work.
As i have obviously professed, i hate the persons i work with, but i really have to bite the bullets in order for me to live. As far as i am concerned, i can no longer do the drama, so i have decided to end my sufferings and claim my fame outside this hell. I am not quitting my profession, but merely stepping out of the hell that took advantage of it.
If there's one thing that i am so sure of, it's the realization that the company is bound to lose the best people that they have.
Nuff said.
Gotta get back to work. I am soooo sleepy i can't get my gears engaged for a juicy produce.
I am more than happy to be with my fellow osa servi later for an early dinner. The cravings for freedom fries need to be satiated.
I need a break. Maybe a month or two will do.