Friday, May 4, 2012


After the nth time for casually inflating sweetie's rear left wheel, I finally had the time to have it vulcanized. I'm afraid I ran out of five-peso coins to pay for each "pahangin" so I took a stop at the nearest vulcanizing shop.

It was a breeze. I'm also thankful that the boy who attended my car was very polite. He was very accomodating and respectful, he even replaced the two tire caps at no extra charge.

When we checked my spare tire at the trunk, I was kind of mad to realize that the shop where I last brought the tire for a fix didn't do it right. The nail was still intact on the rubber. Actually,it was as if they didn't do anything.( It's Gohlong at Calamba). Oh yeah, gotta hate them for fooling me. Shame shame shame on them, and me also. Haha.

I so wanted to have a brand new car, but when the time comes, I know I can't let go of my dear sweetie.


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