Tuesday, May 15, 2012

sweet relief

I had been struggling for a relief for this dry cough that has been pestering me for more than three weeks. After the two-day ordeal with guaifenessin gel, I was reluctant to take it anymore considering some major impacts it can bring to my deary filtering machine. The good thing though is that the infection invasion could have subsided a bit, because the fever had stopped coming anymore. My temperature was back at normal, and I no longer have to depend to paracetamol for an ease of movement.

I do gargle with warm water with salt, drank Calamansi juice, squeeze lemon and calamansi for juice, but the effects are still on its way.

So last night, I decided to make love with honey.

Poured half a cup of honey and squeeze one whole lemon juice into it.

This will be my cough syrup.

Took two tablespoons of the concoction.

I didn't bark the whole night, and had a relaxing sleep.

Such a sweet relief.


I still got a long,long day to take my sweety coughy syrup. And i'm lovin' it.