Wednesday, May 23, 2012


Dear oliver, you remind me of the superhero.


I'm delighted at the fact that I could watch Echo on tv and be reminded of you. While you used to kid around telling me that it is John Lloyd whom you resemble the most, I would love to tell you at this moment that your antics, your sweetness, your smiles, the way you look at me in the eyes, is soooo Oliver

But this doesn't mean anything. Not that I want you here right now. No. Though I would love too, a bit :)) lol.

I'm just sanctifying the memories, the ones I could hold on to forever. If there's such thing as forever, I guess this is it. I could walk down this memory lane forever without feeling a tinge of pain.

Sbi nga ni mike, SMILE.

I need not be distracted, gotta breeze through the exam on fri and sat.

And then...

Happy birthday na :))


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