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Today is June 12, The Independence Day of the Republic of the Philippines.

It was June 12, 1898 when the Declaration of Philippine Independence was proclaimed. It was the end of the colonial rule of Spain in the Philippine Island when Spain was defeated by the revolutionary forces under General Emilio Aguinaldo at the Battle of Manila Bay during the Spanish-American War.

However, the declaration was not recognized by the United States or Spain, because it was in 1898 Treaty of Paris when the Spanish government ceded the Philippines to the United States in consideration for an indemnity for Spanish expenses and assets lost.

It was only in July 4, 1946 when the Philippine independence of June 12 was recognized by the United States. Henceforth, Independence Day was then observed on July 4. But upon the advice of historians in the name of nationalism, August 4, 1964, when President Diosdado Macapagal signed The Republic Act No. 4166 as Philippine Independence Day.

I can still remember vividly how I'd rejoice as a child come 12th of June every time of the year. Aside from being off from the pens and paper for a day, i'd love to slouch in front of the boob tube and watch the proceedings of the commemoration of the Philippine Independence. I'd wait for the part where the parade would eventually roll, and will switch channels to be able to catch a glimpse of it at different angles. And what's with the parade? I don't know then. All i know is that an occasion as sacred as a country's sovereignty should be graced by this grand
display and celebration, that is taking place at the historical landmarks of our country, in Kawit, Cavite where we first celebrated it and Luneta Park where the statue of our national hero, Jose Rizal stands.

Just last year, Republic Act No. 9292 was signed which contained the following:


Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the Philippines in Congress assembled:

SECTION 1. Section 26, Chapter 7, Book I of Executive Order No. 292, as amended, otherwise known as the Administrative Code of 1987, is hereby amended to read as follows:

"Sec. 26, Regular Holidays and Nationwide Special Days. – (1) Unless otherwise modified by law, and or proclamation, the following regular holidays and special days shall be observed in the country:

1. Regular Holidays

New year’s Day - January 1
Maundy Thursday - Movable date
Good Friday - Movable date
Eidul Fitr - Movable date
Araw ng Kagitingan - Monday nearest April 9
(Bataaan and Corregidor Day)
Labor Day - Monday nearest May 1
Independence Day - Monday nearest June 12
National Heroes Day - Last Monday of August
Bonifacio Day - Monday nearest November 30
Christmas Day - December 25
Rizal Day - Monday nearest December 30

b) Nationwide Special Holidays:

Ninoy Aquino Day - Monday nearest August 21
All Saints Day - November 1
Last Day of the Year - December 31

3. In the event the holiday falls on a Wednesday, the holiday will be observed on the Monday of the week. If the holiday falls on a Sunday, the holiday will be observed on the Monday that follows:

Provided, That for movable holidays, the President shall issue a proclamation, at least six months prior to the holiday concerned, the specific date that shall be declared as a nonworking day:

Provided, however, The Eidul Adha shall be celebrated as a regional holiday in the Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao."

SEC. 2. All laws, orders, presidential issuances, rules and regulations or part thereof inconsistent with this Act are hereby repealed or modified accordingly.

SEC. 3. This Act shall take effect after fifteen (15) days following its publication in at least two newspapers of general circulation.


Speaker of the House of Representatives
President of the Senate

This Act which originated in the Senate was finally passed by the Senate and the House of Representatives on January 30, 2007 and February 7, 2007, respectively.

Secretary General House of Representatives
Secretary of the Senate

Approved: July 25, 2007

President of the Philippines


I personally despise that of Malacanang's directive of transferring the celebration of Independence Day on June 12 to June 9, for the usual purpose of giving the people a longer weekend for their rest and recreation. It felt like being robbed of the sense of nationalism and pride, with the current head of the state approving the act. We may recall back our history, and find that it was no less than President Diosdado Macapagal, the present president’s father, who recognized the historic importance of that day when he officially proclaimed it our own Independence Day instead of July 4 as dictated by the United States in 1946. He chose it as our own Independence Day because it was on that date in 1898 that Emilio Aguinaldo declared the independence of the Philippines as a new member of the community of free nations (with references from Isagani Cruz' editorial)

It does feel different when we take a halt from our work or businesses and spend just a day to reflect on our country's history. It is in this hiatus that we feel something unordinary is taking place. A country's sovereignty is not just something, it is our own identity that differentiates us from others. It is the perpetual memory of the valiant efforts of our heroes who fought till their last breaths for the freedom that we have now. But sad to say, only few will have to remember them, for today, June 12, will just be an ordinary day of hard labour and business transactions. Yes, there are still the annual celebration proceedings taking place at the Luneta Park and Cavite, but who will be there to watch it when almost all of citizens are discharged to businesses, work and school?

How could this nation be unified if the head itself doesn't know how to value our sense of pride and nationalism? of patriotism?

Doesn't it feel like celebrating your own birthday not on the day you were born but instead on a more convenient day that would somehow extend your vacation?

If that's the case, why not relocate the celebration of Christmas Day and New Year's Day to a more convenient nearest Monday for an extended vacation?


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