Wednesday, June 18, 2008


I had the first meeting of my class yesterday. The caboodle of students was indeed ... surprising, quite large as compared to the one i had last semester.

This class goes into the rage at the slightest provocation. I goad them into riot just by asking one of them to read the lecture. They even find someone's surname enough to tickle their fancy. They kid one of their classmates by pointing out that we were batchmates, only to find out that i am way too ahead of him in my year of entry in the colegio.

It's a good thing that i got a light-hearted stream. I don't know if it's any consolation that some of my students are co-members in one of my volunteer groups in the colegio. They are confused whether to call me "Ate" or "Ma'am" inside the classroom..huhuhu. One of my students is the boyfriend of my cousin and has become my "kumpare" in the christening of my cousin goldie's daughter! (waaaaaaaaa) One of them is the youngest brother of my batch mate in higschool. One of them is the boyfriend of my friend, having met him first when Cai tagged him along in a hosted dinner at our house during my recent birthday celebration. I was teasing him when he was so reluctant to recite, "Pinakain pa naman kita nung birthday ko, kaya sumagot ka." :lmao: Syempre joke lang un. Hehe. I roistered a reign of mocks and taunts.

I find being at the academe a blast of fresh air from a stale room.

I am bored at work.

I don't know.

I know i couldn't give up the bread and butter of my life. AT work, I am sorounded by gazillions of tidings of which i am much privileged to learn, but still, it felt like it could never slake the hunger and thirst in my professional career growth. I am stucked here. My career ain't moving forward. I'd overkill it by defining it as a something that fumes a distinctive stench of a putrefying corpse. What a hyperbole for my work boredom.

I decided to up my ante and push my luck when my former prof plucked me from the realm of boredom and thrust me to the realm of pedagogics.

And here i am...

...doing some new fusions of inspiration...