Sunday, June 8, 2008


I've been trapped for a while.

The demons lurking inside my soul had awaken from deep slumber. They clawed through my chest, with all its monstrosity and darkness, seeping its way through the soundless vacuum of my being. It is in this silence that i fear the most, the void that pushes me to listen to the shrieks of madness and chaos of my life.

The demons feast in chutzpah, while i cower in corners.

This is the catharsis of my own.. my seemingly unbearable inferno of torment that tries to shake off the emeralds of tears to fall from my very own eyes. With the door of my very own soul half open, it creaks and tears open the bright guts of my aspirations.

In this null existence where the awakened demons bellow do i find the horrors of my life haunting me. No one can tell what time of the day does darkness strike. Or what instances in our lives do the demons wake up. Or what tickles the soul to cringe into bitterness and resentment. If i could just flush things down the drain in a single deft stroke, tears wouldn't stream from a trinkle to a gushing well.

On the other hand, I dare not rail against these demons. At some point in my life, they remind me of the better times as i get stuck in this pit of darkness. They remind me that i am just human, and not different from anybody, especially those who are also experiencing a deep sense of confusion in a time of haste. And that nightmares do exist, but mornings do come to the rescue.


In some time, it'll be over.