Monday, June 23, 2008


It was raining cats and dogs last Saturday afternoon. I didn't know then that a typhoon (frank is the name, whatta typhoon name! :whew: ) is bound to wreak havoc in our place. Those vestige of fright from the typhoon milenyo hasn't deserted me yet, and I'm kind of wary with the coming of another disaster.

Well, super drenched i was in furious rain as i reached home. My umbrella could shield me from the cascading waters from heaven, but could never protect me from winds blowing in different directions, enough to douse me with much liquid from the pouring rain. Was i really, really wet. I haven't got used to the habit of waiting in a shed until the heavens stopped weeping. I am always as furious as i could be when it comes to going home on a heavy rainy day. Home is where my heart is..heheheh.. so i don't mind getting wet all over as long as i could reach home in the soonest time possible.

What could describe me last Saturday is the phrase "Basa ang lahat sa akin." Phrase is self-explanatory. Just let your imaginations run wild on the details of my wet entity. (bwahahahah)