Friday, June 13, 2008


Robert Fulghum, in his book Maybe (Maybe Not), once mentioned that "Wallets may serve as the common key to the bank vaults of the secret lives of men."

In one of the chapters in this book, he had an ice-breaker exercise with a group of men, when he asked everyone in the room to put their wallets on the table, open them up, and take everything out. The usual utilitarian items appeared, cash, the array of pictures, expired and valid cards, credit cards, business cards, pieces of paper with phone numbers and other notes written on them, and...uhh...yeah... condoms. In the exercise, interestingly enough, some men began to share pictures of their families, their identities, and some of their personal lives, while others discreetly hide something from their wallets, say, a picture of a lover. As the author notes, "even the bank of the secret life has safe-deposit boxes."

I wonder what's inside my wallet.

I can't remember the last time i unloaded my wallet of some stuffs which i deem unnecessary. Back then, the lump my wallet has been creating has given me an imbalance in my life, most of the stuffs hidden in its pockets aren't as needed as possible. Not that I'm into discarding some things that i know my life is made of, i had just come to the realization that should my wallet be lost, i cannot forgive myself for having lost the keys to my secret life. I needed to unload some crap not only in my wallet, but also in my life, because a lighter weight would make me more comfortable. And voluntarily choosing to discard the unnecessary is a good thing.

What's in the bank of my secret life? I took everything out of my blue leather wallet and here are the stuffs:

college graduation picture
company ID
school ID
Driver's License
2 credit cards
SM advantage card
Mercury Drug Suki Card
Medexpress Card
drug prescription
3 calling cards

Ah. So much for the uncluttering of my wallet and of my life.

I recently received a beautiful wallet from Ate Kimi. I hope that like the blue leather one, may this wallet serve as my life preserver, the common key to the bank vaults of my secret life....