Thursday, June 19, 2008


They say that our country is not really that free because we have so many scoundrels in our government, (particularly the one who heads our state..hehehe.. "I AM SORRY **paawa effect facial expression**") We have one horde of monkeys masquerading as politicians in our much-oppressed land, claiming to be paragons of virtue in their assumption of public office. But lurking behind them are corrupt deeds that raise the hackles of our countrymen.

Freedom doesn't necessarily mean being released from the shackles or being sent home from prison. Absolute freedom is something that should leave us unscathed in our identity as one unified nation. It should guarantee us good governance, notwithstanding the efforts to stamp out our republic.

"What this country has lacked are elected officials who bucked the odds, cleaned up their turfs, served the people, and remained uncorrupted." says Conrado de Quiros, in his article in PDI dated June 18, 2008. If we are to be guaranteed that the people whom we have entrusted our votes really do care about our welfare, only then can we achieve the freedom that we really wish to have.