Wednesday, May 28, 2008


May 26, 2008. 12:02am. My phone was ringing, slightly illuminating my dark room in these unholy hours. I thought such was an alarm. Medicine mode. Still in trance, i reached for my phone in the headboard and press the outermost right key with the sole red markings. Ahihihi. I could almost perfect the deed of drug imbibition in this wee hours with my hands in auto-pilot mode, my eyes closed, my spirit half awake and half in deep slumber, my soul still wandering in the placidity of my dreams.

Right after a pill globetrotted its way to my ill-possessed entity, the phone rang again and blinked. I opened my eyes, reached for my phone again and stared blankly at the lcd:


I pressed the outermost left key with green mark and lifted the phone to my ears as an instant reflex.

"Hello?" My voice was quite husky.

"Happy Birthday!"

It took my stimuli 5 seconds to process the voice on the other line. Then i found myself twinkling upon recognition of this beloved caller. Tete-a-tete. By this time i was already full awake and i could almost perceive a pizazz on the backdrop.

I cannot recount in full details what we have had talked in that limited minutes. All i couldn't forget is that my Kuya Melvin greeted me in the first minutes of my 27th natal day.