Sunday, May 25, 2008


I am such a blessed girl to have them all through these years.
CLUB T with ADY.

We had an small gathering at Doc Joy's lair last night. An advance birthday party, i am so overwhelmed to have spent time with my highschool friends. We had a great time stuffing our stomachs and babbling with stories. Hehehehe. Thanks to all of you who made this party possible. Jojo and she for the litson manok, joy for the rice and viand and venue, yeth for the ice cream, sheim for the sparkling wine with 1,50% vol (nyahahahah), ady for the attendance and for the Herculean effort of being awake.. hahaha (ady, mabuti ng walang tulog kesa walang gising!!!) For lai, and iyen... we damn missed both of you so please block out your calendars and have yourselves ready in our next out-of-town adventure to be organized by yeth.

Yeth, sheim and i stayed overnight and did non-stop blabbering til almost 3am. We all both look perfect in Joy's scrub suits. hihihih. It was really hilarious when Joy and I related to them our adventure with Mario, the luko-luko, whom i thought almost killed us back then. Hehehehe. (Kaya 2nd life na natin 'to doc joy... hahahha... ) We also had a simple run-down of the whereabouts of some of our highschool classmates.

Again, thanks a bunch for the awesome bonding :)