Thursday, May 22, 2008


I am so exhausted.

Been working for 12 hours a day since yesterday..and i must say my body could no longer endure long hours of real damn hard work.

I committed to unopen my messenger til the end of May. But im quite not sure how long i'd be able to fool myself. Hehe. Mami Sultry had given me an initial challenge of three days. 24 hours had long past.. kerstinne25 is still offline.. weeeeeeeeeee. Accomplishment na ito :D

I still got an hour to kill. My mind has stopped functioning i guess. I'm planning to work on undertime tomorrow but im pretty sure the possibility is so slim... got a meeting in the morning and in the afternoon. I have been tasked with a very challenging work and it would be a shame should i not meet their expectations.

My body is getting weaker and weaker each day, i could feel its atrophy extending through my brains. I have been controlling my emotions because there are so many things to prioritize and if i give in to the dictates of my emotions, i'd probably stoke myself to fury.

I haven't put a kibosh on the matters of these stupid things because i know for a fact that i am not yet ready to face it. To froth in the mouth over it while curling the same mouth into a sneer.. is.. my stupidity. So while i'm still healing over the things that have long hurt me .. i'll just allow myself to be snibbed inside this forging plant and serve all the masters here. If i don't get a good appraisal come month of June, then i guess... the signs are coming....