Sunday, May 25, 2008


As always, it was an exhausting day of work yesterday.. having gone through a more-than-two-hour-meeting-with-all-the-attendees-smoking-
I could feel that in two weeks time, I'll be diagnosed with lung cancer. If only i could force myself to smoke cancer stick, then maybe i won't have any trouble complaining to this blog how i would want my lungs killed.

Good thing i am off from that meeting table for a day, and will just be attending a technical seminar sponsored by the Philippine Society of Mechanical Engineers-Laguna QBL (host) chapter. Even more good because i am on official business with a day's pay, the registration fee shouldered by the company.

After the seminar, i'll be meeting my highschool buddies at doc Joy's lair. We'll be having my advance birthday party :D ahihihihih.

Got to go for now.


More than 48hrs offline at yahoo messenger. Oh what an accomplishment :D weeeeeee