Sunday, May 25, 2008


Familiar faces stood in front of me. It was as if i am at the colegio.

Ahihihi. Joe pring, my college mentor, welcomed me at the seminar. He introduced me to the former LMES president which happens to be the present secretary of the PSME, Engr. Nerie. I am quite a bit surprised to see that this lady engineer is really a girly-girl :D Her super relaxed straight hair runs through her waist i wonder how much is she spending for that crowning glory. heheheh. Back in our college days, machismo prided our organization. It's kinda fulfilling on my part to see these girls leading an organization in a male-dominated world.

I also happen to come close to my former autocad students whom Joe pring had invited likewise. They are all currently reviewing for the board exam in... of course, sir joe pring's review center (san ka pa! ahehehe. maraket talaga 'tong si sir **giggles**) When I whispered to him, "Sir, puro mga students ko sa autocad ah..." he whispered back, "Oo nga maam, puro students mo kami.. pero ako hindi pumapasok..." then he chuckled. Ah i remember! my former college professor who became my autocad student who never attended my autocad class. tsk tsk.

A swarm of professionals in the room. Mechanical engineers. Former chapter presidents and all big names in the industry and academe. Somehow, i could feel a sense of belongingness in this room where our profession is being honored. Admittedly, back in my work, i know i am never recognized for who i am and what i have, all i know is that they just suck the life and brains out of me. Just like that. No recognitions. No thank yous. No sense of belongingness. Trabaho lang.

I'm so afraid i'd get sleepy for the whole technical discussions due to lack of sleep. But having given a refresher on pumps, fans and blowers, i found my brain meshing in full gears, keeping me awake for the whole discussion. It did stirred the sleeping formulas and theories in my idle brain. One really needs to be constantly reminded of the things that have been learned in the past.

While on a break, i was sitting in the corner of the room killing time with a Blokus challenge in the PSP. An engineer from Nestle stroked a conversation with me, and i realize it's a bit entertaining talking to a real person than blocking my opponents in the Blokus game :D Just plain-hi-and-hello-and-where-are-you-from-and-

I am inspired by how Hon. Alfredo Y. Po, Chairman of the Board of Mechanical Engineering, climbed his way to success. Starting off as an engineer in the Asia Brewery, he became a titan in the mechanical engineering world through diligence, service and perseverance. He is now the chairman of all the examiners in the PRC, and is very proud to have noted that he was the founding chairman of PSME-Laguna (QBL-Host) Chapter, for the reason that all his colleagues from this chapter have been very, very proud of what he has become. And now, i am too. He was encouraging all the engineers to continually study, keep abreast of the technical advancements, and strive to learn new things about our profession. He also encouraged us to upgrade to be professional mechanical engineers, and admittedly, i was moved by his inspirational talk, and the thoughts of filing an application to be a professional mechanical engineer (PME) have been roaming 'round my stupid head.

It was a very educational and inspiring day for me. Another mind-boggling thought at the end of this activity is when Sir Joe asked me to teach in his review center. Hmmnnn... " Sa review ko naman ikaw magturo!" says he.