Wednesday, May 28, 2008


It was a murky Tuesday afternoon and my muscles are aching. My temperature is a bit high,(one hot mama!!! bwahahaha) my eyes are kinda puffy and demanding for a recess from radiation invasion. Morning, off we skedaddled to the cutting department with the engineering boss. At first i couldn't understand his instructions because i could barely hear him speak, i just got the drift of what he wanted me to do when he asked me to bring a digicam. Ohh la la. Sexitari chenes. hehehe.

The sun was still up in the morning. I sun-bathed and almost got grilled while "shutterbugging" above the pile of metals in the stockyard. I hopped in the isles of the stockyard, momentarily avoiding the protruding parts in the metal bundles that could almost hit my......... chest.(big evil grin) I bathed in my own sweat i could squeeze almost a gallon from my clothes.

It was raining cats and dogs in the afternoon. My mood succumbed to the coldness of the weather. Ah.. familiar sentiments. Depression. Problems. People walking in and out of my life, leaving footprints as well as something barren and unrecognizable. I asked myself what gap in my life do i need to fill in order for me to regain my sanity, to come back to the same silly me.

Just before i went home, i dropped at the Western Union to send some moolah. They have an on going promo, i was asked to scratch a circle in a board and the number that would be revealed would correspond to a thing listed in the attached sheets of paper. I scanned the pages hoping to find a house and lot or at least a brand new car for a bonus, but no avail. hehehe. The bonuses ranges from around 3 pesos to a hundred bucks.

No. 15. Scanning through the papers, it clearly indicated that i'll take with me a LUCKY ME BEEF INSTANT NOODLES as a bonus. Hehehe. Not bad i said. The staff handed me the noodle pack, smiled and said, "Mam, may pang meryenda na kayo."

LUCKY ME. Yeah. It dawned on me how lucky i really am. Prudence was the better part of the valour. To harbor a bunch of grit to be able to pluck myself from the obscurities of my being. To be on my own mettle, a goad that gets to bask in the limelight of each day. To continue to live a life a couple of notches better than the other. Will i be able to do it?