Wednesday, May 21, 2008

My sister stood in front of my door. Donned in her pantulog, she sneered while clutching her pillows, her kumot hanging in her arms extending almost on the carpeted floor. Standing behind her is tanya, the baby shitzu,sniffling at her thighs while wagging its tail.

"Ate, tabi tayo matulog ha."

She smiled. Stepped inside the room. Threw her kumot & pillow on the bed after removing my pile of newly washed clothes.

"Sobrang ginaw kase sa kwarto ko, tabi muna tayo ha," tucked herself to bed and set in for a deep slumber.

If she only knew how much i have been chillin', not from the temperature drop brought by the pouring rain outside....... but from the coldness i have been feeling from deep within......

The next day, she admitted she was disturbed at the sight of the bank robbery victims' horrendous blood stricken body trailing through her mind. She felt too uncomfortable to sleep alone. I, On the other hand, would want to utter how the vestige of those good old happy sweet caring days wouldn't depart from my memory and ironically, has caused me too much discomfort I'd just want to douse myself with a warm water in order for me to unite with my sanity.