Friday, May 16, 2008


May 16, 2008

my blogspot was blocked!

if i could just pack a wallop equivalent to an atomic bomb...ggrrrrrrr...

i could still access the site, and could even reach my dashboard. it's just that the blog itself couldn't be accessed.

poor me.

i'd like to condemn our IT to an eternity of torment.

threaten them in full steam and venom.

proclaim with much disdain their brazen act of iniquity

hit them with thunderbolts

stripped them layer by layer, skin by skin, like a butcher peels off the hide from a dead animal

i will have their bodies flogged

i will singe their backs with my dragon's breath

let this be a bode apocalypse for our IT before i die from sheer apoplexy

i am aghast at the scourge afflicting my internet connection.

but i can only sigh mea culpa. nyahahahah. im at work and i should be WORKING. :lmao: