Friday, May 2, 2008


It's a sunny Friday morning and I did not report to work.

Slept late because i was damn so busy wondering how in the hell this new 1gb ddr pc400 memory wouldn't work on my pc. The motherboard manual indicates compatibility for this one ...but when i checked the specs on its website, holy crap! It is not supported
Now I've to go back to pc express in alabang and have it replaced, if there's no available 1gb pc266 ddr, i'll take then the 512mb then have another item say a tv tuner. bahala na mamaya

I was able to recharge my spirits and just chilled out with my real good all weather symbianize friends i love you all. Shared a life over burgers and fries and iced tea :D Watched ironman. Photo ops galore.

What more could i be thankful for. I have great friends :D

I am ironman.
(translation: ako ay magbabakal na bakla )


I was just wonderin' how in the hell Mean could have thought that ysm and i are still seeing each other. I mean i am here, they are there, i am living a peaceful and blessed life without them, then why am i still a nuisance to her?


She said she doesn't wanna hurt me..but she's telling me that they are getting married. Hehehehe. Told her.. the fact that they are getting married, how could she suspect his husband-to-be to do such thing? That she must learn to trust with all her heart. She admitted that she couldn't resist thinking bout the possibility that we are still together (WTF!) and.... she was sorry for everything. aw.

She said she was sorry for hurting me. Sorry for everything. This one made me smile. I don't have any animosity to them. I'm ok now. Time has healed the wounds of the past. Everything happens for a reason.We all deserve to be happy.

I am ironman.


Anyways, i am just sharing this wonderful video by Bo Sanchez about coping up on being heartbroken.

Bo Sanchez' Daily Reality Internet TV Show

Heart broken? Got dumped? Listen to Bo's love tips! :)