Wednesday, May 14, 2008


I had my PRC License renewed days before my natal day. The process isn't that painful as compared to other government offices where the long lines, red tape, and discourteous clerks are discouraging enough. UNLESS....

....unless your professional organizational connives with the Professional Regulations Commission in the collection of its membership fees. Sapilitan. Ninegosyo. Wapak.

In my case, i felt it was like a hold up. I was shocked to be informed that my PRC License cannot be processed if i haven't paid my membership in the Philippine Society of Mechanical Engineers (PSME) . I was next in the assessment window when the man behind me asked if my profession is mechanical engineering. Having answered yes, he showed me the receipt from the PSME and instructed me to proceed first to its office located on the 3rd floor of San Lorenzo Building outside the PRC office. He said i won't be entertained at the assessment window without that receipt.

I then proceeded to the PSME office and shocked i was to shell out two thousand and one hundred pesos (Php2100) as payment for the three-year membership. Huhuhuhu.

The renewal process didn't last for 15minutes (excluding the processing of the PSME membership). Maybe because it was already 430pm and there are only few professionals processing their requirements in the office.

For the sake of my friends who are about to renew their license this year... here are the requirements:


1. Duly accomplished form ("Application for Professional ID"--this is PRC REG Form No. 003, Rev. July 2003. Get this from the information booth located on the right side past the entrance gate. It's printed on green paper. One form ONLY per PRC ID to be renewed.)

2. Two (2) pieces passport size picture: close-up, colored, with plain background.

3. Photocopy of recent professional ID card


Step1. Proceed to PSME Office (3rd Floor San Lorenzo Building in front of PRC) and have your membership renewed. Pay a whooping Php2100. Get certification and receipt.

Step 1a. Present duly accomplished form, pictures and PRC ID photocopy and PSME Receipt at Window 27, which will point you out to transact in window 30. nyahahah.

Step 1b. Application form will be checked for completeness, and your PSME receipt shall be checked also.

Step 2. Pay prescribed fees at the cashier (P450 if without surcharges)

Step 3. Return to Window 30 with form and official receipt. Clerk will detach "ID Claim Slip" portion from application form and indicate claim date. Get your claim slip.

Step 4. Claim your professional ID as scheduled. This is usually ready within 12 working days from the date of application. (Releasing of IDs is done at Windows 31. Remember that you can only claim your professional ID if you present your original claim slip. For representatives, a letter of authorization is needed. PRC is very strict about these matters.)

Optional: You may opt to have your PRC ID delivered at your doorstep at minimal charges. In my case, i chose to have mine delivered by 2GO courier. I paid 70php (Provincial charge) and gave them my claim slip. Expect maximum of three days after the release date for delivery schedule. Just present the receipt upon delivery, though a valid ID will do also.


Thanks ate Sheila for accompanying me in PRC. Otherwise, i would really have to act as if it was a hold-up by the Philippine Society of Mechanical Engineers.