Sunday, June 13, 2010


not much buzz.
i got busy with life :D

i missed the shuttle bus last fri and this prompted me to skip work that very same day. i can still remember the conversation i had with my boss last thurs:
lois: sir pa sign po, half day po ako, punta po ako sa mekaniko, andun pa po kotse ko e
boss: half day? natapos mo na ba ung pinapagawa ko syo?
lois: opo. nasa engg-data sir. filename: ref for sir rey
boss: *checks the file* subukan mo kayang ilagay as details sa kabilang categories?
lois: ok po sir. gagawin ko po. uhhmmmnn... sir..pede pong pa sign na? *time check: 9:50am*
boss: tapusin mo muna yan bago mag 11 ha.
lois: yes sir. tapos po yan :D *big evil grin*
boss: papasok ka ba bukas?
lois: OPO sir. Papasok po ako!

i was too lazy for a toxic commute to office that friday morning.
sorry boss :D i'll bear the whip tomorrow. bwahahahaha
so instead of working my ass in the forging company, i got my serum examined. gotta know the results in days to come. praying for better ones :D

saturday. i got my wireless flash trigger present from kuya bong during the nikon club philippines shoot at splendido. (yipeeeeeeeeeeeee. wala naman ako flash gun. gotta save up for one) i miss my kuya bong, we never had the chance to talk at least a little longer, he has to leave earlier for another workshop in makati. sad :(

sunday. whew. am overworked at home. it rained harder the night before so me and my sister had to clean the house, especially the flooded kitchen :( we spent a couple of hours cleaning the mess, while cooking for lunch. (aha, you gotta try my dish :D hehe) i had to run to the drugstore in the afternoon for my meds, had a chat with jojit over a lasagna meal, went to church, scan the books on sale at a bookstore (looking for digital photographer philippines #32 pa din.. hahaha) and stopped for a quezo real ice cream trip at 7-11.

ahh life. spins so fast i can barely catch up. gotta live my life everyday as if it was my last. :D

will work my ass off tomorrow on a more than triple legal holiday rate.

just one more look at this pic before i end this week.

photographing the photographers


goodnight and have a blessed week ahead!

ps. still haven't got my sweetie. missing my car much much much.