Thursday, June 3, 2010

I'm catching the sun between rainshowers this morning

I'm catching the sun between rainshowers this morning. It's a love-hate relationship, intermittent rains battling with the great ball of fire. Inside, i feel an oriented banter of my mind and body, as my body insists on extended periods of rest over my mind wanting to be sharpened by the gazillions of jobs that i need to finish before 3pm.

BODY: I love the weather. Bring me back home and let's just sleep the whole day.
MIND: I need to study and plan this stockyard. I need to finish this. Double-time LOis!

I still have work, thank God, after my three-day absence. hahaha. I was missed, heck, by those who dutifully need my services. LOLS.

These are the normal inconveniences of unscheduled leave from work. You leave a hill of jobs on the last day you have been seen on your workstation, and come back to a mountain when you have been resurrected.

It was kind of funny to hear stupid remarks from my officemates regarding my unplanned work hiatus. To hear someone say, "Kung magreresign sya, mag clearance sya ng maayos... hindi ung absent sya ng absent.. tapos sa iba na pala pumapasok.." Holy cow, Holy banana, Holy guacamole, HOLY HOLY HOE!!! Heck, thanks a bunch for the unsolicited remarks, you've just wasted a minute fraction of your life thinking about my whereabouts. He's not my boss at all, i don't have any work-related connection to him. Hahaha. Pierced me with too much laughter why these people seem to be affected by my absence for reasons only them could decipher. If they only knew how my emotions went in disarray during my absence, i don't even wanna recall that effin' licensing renewal story =)) (BTW, i sent my boss a message informing me of my absence due to my misfortunes. So technically, it's not AWOL.)

Anyways, I'm halfway through the day and have been 70% productive since 7am. It's just that the endless assortments of odds and ends are tickling the very me, sorting through it once in a while is a bit amusing, provocative and reflective.

Ahhh life.