Tuesday, June 1, 2010

inhale. exhale. God bless me.

has slowly learned to exhale in slower speeds.
i need some kind of peace of mind.

it dawned on me that there is nothing i can do about the furious monstrosity of the past incidents in my life, including that of being scammed in a public document. hell hath no fury, but what else could i do but to correct, clear and clean my name, for crying out loud. and this translates to a three-day absence from work. 1 approved vacation and 2 days AWOL. deym. i really gotta inform my boss about the misfortunes that someone has gotten me into.

well, God must have been so vigilant in testing the patience in me. i could have killed that man who got me into this mess had he stepped an inch inside our perimeter.

but amidst all of these, there are indeed lessons to be learned. there's comfort in saying that there are no mistakes, only lessons, but i got to spank myself a couple of times in order to redeem that. the fundamentals of being human include trusting someone without any taint of doubt, and maybe, no one is to blame me for having done that. retribution indeed shall take its course in its own time. as for now, i really need to iron things out, legally, so as not to inflict any more trouble with my other public documents.

forgiveness. i gotta give more than what i could. 101%. and to be calm and still when confronted by situations like this.

inhale. exhale.

tomorrow is another day. may i be able to straighten things out ;)

God bless me.