Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Braincells.. disengaged!


I got my test results after four days of waiting.

I got my car after a week of confinement to Mang Crispin.

And zilcho message from the superhero. (in a very impt confe?) nah. just kidding. Must be the ADHD in me. Crappiness at its finest.

Anyways, yesterday, i was clutched by depressing emotions that i cannot find the right words to say. I failed at learning to stay still and enduring a bit of whip without whining.

Braincells.. disengaged!

What has happened to me yesterday?


I once again felt the supreme rock-bottom feeling, that of which had been gnawing at me like a rat over the years, digging perforations in my soul.

Inconvenient truths. Carrying the cross all alone.

Every single day lived is one day closer to my death, every single step closer to my tomb.

Why does my clock tick so fast?