Wednesday, June 9, 2010

I enjoyed the Shuttle bus ride this morning.

OH well. I gotta admit. I enjoyed the Shuttle bus ride this morning.

I just had to get off the bed a little earlier than the usual and move faster to catch the bus. I arrived 15 minutes before the pick up time, and got to enjoy a few minute humorous chats with April. Sitting comfortably on the bus while listening to the Priscila Ahn's songs played on my ever beloved psp is very relaxing while passing through the greenery of SLEX and Eton Road. Arriving earlier at the office had me the luxury of time to even have breakfast with some nice office mates. For a fraction of an hour, it felt like this world is a fine place to be, and whatever woes i had yesterday had been momentarily forgotten or at least put on perspective.

Oh life.