Monday, June 7, 2010

Murphy's law had taken effect on me once again

Murphy's law had taken effect on me once again.

The power supply went out at 1pm in the company. I was about to go home at 7 but couldn't afford to stay until the cows come home, err, i mean until the power is restored.

So off i decided to go home at 3, just to realize that my fuel tank is empty. So i asked the guards for a refill, but was told that there's no electricity to run the pump.. so.. no fuel refill until the power is restored.

Checking my wallet, (hoping a miraculous yellow bill to pop) i found two 50-peso and one 100-peso bill. I was in dire financial crisis the past few weeks due to unforeseen unfavorable events that had consumed my savings. I was torn between spending the money for a fuel refill at the nearest Petron station and leaving the car inside the company. Poor me. Why does it always have to happen when i have none to spare. Sigh.

So i decided to let one 50-peso bill guard my wallet until payday, and opted to bring home my car with a meager gas replenishment. While i was driving home, i received a message from my sister, asking me to drive her and my father to SM to check on some bathroom accessories.

I almost fainted. Why of all holy days they chose to go NOW. Traffic is super heavy on a rainy day, my fuel is almost low, I've none for a refill.. Murphy's Law!!!! waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.

Poor me