Wednesday, June 2, 2010

moving on. beep beep.

I am calm already :D

I got my license after going through the LEGAL process (WTF) of obtaining one. I spent my whole day at the LTO where effin' FIXERS are free to roam inside, where the sinners who all perish are clad in their most decent clothes. (IFKR?) Pity those whose pockets are empty, pity those whose souls don't know how to bribe (or have none to offer as a bribe), for they will remain until after office hours, after all those rich and lucky bastards have been VIP-served by the caboodle of money-faced WTFs.

Unlucky me. Ain't got a spare penny. I went through the tedious and epic hours of waiting (and letting go of my hard-earned cash for every move. deym. ang hirap maging dukha!!!)

Well, being a stickler that i am, i just can't help but rant on this rotten system that preys on the weakness of the poor citizens. Poor country, can never and will never get the hell out of this muck as long as the system stays on this obsolete and virus-infected version.

I somehow did enjoy the epic adventure i had at the licensing center. For once, i have proven that a woman's presence in a male-dominated world is a glorious beacon of hope for the stressed ones. hahaha. I love it when men treat women with utmost respect, when men graciously entertain the women's concerns with breathtaking candor, rather than striking a line as if they were talking to promiscuous ones. Women are treated with utmost care, well maybe at least in our group, and it lessened our burden of wanting them all dead on the spot for the slow processing of our applications. Cheers to these men whose days we made brighter, whose smiles we made noticeable, and whose aura we made fantastic. May you all survive the sodom and gomorrah of our modern times.

I'm tired. Weak. 3days absent. Tomorrow i gotta get back to work [if i still had one =))]