Saturday, February 7, 2009


The usual Fridays do not encourage passing through the Sta. Rosa Complex, which are when Laguna Technopark and nearby Industrial parks disgorge its human contents onto the way to commercial complex.But just yesterday, traffic isn't that heavy. Few shuttles buses are spewing black smokes in the faces and few vehicles are leaving a trail of soot, for there are only few of them rolling on the streets. The usual crowd walking past the bargains and street vendors and the swarm of passengers catching their rides have all diminished in numbers. Seems like the town had been sleeping off the effects of recession as thousands of workers here have lost their jobs.

The country has been reeling from skyrocketing prices of commodities as it faces the specter of economic recession. LPGs are even soaring to astronomical heights due to hoarding of stocks. The crises have come to this country to roost. The battle for survival has been the pivotal concern now. In my own personal account, i really don't know how I'd be able to survive with my meager income, a pay that is too paltry for my ailing existence.

Sometimes, it really scares to be apprised of the direness of our plight. But we need to have our eyes opened for all the possibilities. More and more Filipinos are joining the ranks of the desperate in this era of howling winds of slowdown.

This is the time when we all need to come together and pitch in. Conrado De Quiros once said in his column that dire extremity mutates into new reality altogether. This is the reality that we have to face. We may be bogged down by different crises at one point or say at many points in our lives, but we must be resilient enough to stand amidst this crises.

I admire the response of ka-Arriba Mr. Cesar Baracinas from the Letran Engineering Yahoo Group in response to the recession issue that affected Intel Philippines:

Sent: Wednesday, February 4, 2009 22:37:41
Subject: [letran-calamba- engg] Re: Intel announces RP operations shutdown

i am connected with Intel Philippines and my last day in office is
April 30, 2009; if one door closes, another door will open.

I believe that better and bigger opportunities are waiting for those
who choose to become "overcomers" rather than victims in any
situation. Change happens, we need to learn how to accept change.

I believe we can pass this test - we are generaly resilient and have
a deep faith in God. We say "bahala na!", that's courage.

Courage and inspiration. Faith in God. What else do we need on order to be satiated? God answers clearly but not always quickly.



Cesar Baracinas said...

I survived :) haha. I just notice my name in here, THANKS... I also do blogging just recently ...