Monday, February 9, 2009


Am i the saddest person on earth right at this very moment?
Uhhhh.... saddest is an understatement.
Can't even explain the depths of it.


The General Meeting we had at three with the president had our eyes opened for the direness of our plight. The economic global downturn has been seeping through the forging company and the situation come next month, according to our president, would be very, very tough. The customer requirements being reduced to more than half of its usual quantity will put all of us in a very critical situation, upon which the proceedings of the current collective bargaining agreement would greatly be affected. The question now is how do we hold to this job that is the bread and butter of our lives.


I was feeling remorseful for being such an idiot.


I was so resentful while i was driving that i almost got caught into the snares of death. I almost got collided with a tricycle and got my rear bumped by a truck. Thank God it really wasn't my time.(and the defensive driving thingy worked good enough too!) It was never a good idea driving with a lost soul and broken heart. Focus is the heart of the matter, but how could i do it with my troubled soul burdened with all the sufferings and pain of being such an idiot. Sometimes i would have to make myself believe that i really need to get this pumping red thing void of all emotions so that i could continue to live and be vulnerable to all the hurts and pain around me. Silly me. I need to bang my head on a rock-solid wall.


Anyways, here's a precious moment valentine wallpaper i have made to compensate for my excitement and boredom.. which.. quite didn't get enough appreciation by the one who has inspired me to do it :(

and oh.. i didn't get any clap claps.. but got raked over the coals for being so stubborn :(