Wednesday, February 11, 2009


* There are levels of naked wants that elevate my simple imaginings into an obdurate demand which would later turn into poignant, quixotic and quite impossible imaginings.

* I am hesitant to open my Messengers. I just can't take another blow to my shattered heart and feelings.

* Every time my phone beeps, i am hoping it's a message from a Chikka User.

* My mind is still boggled up to this moment.

* The Palawan Trip on the 7th of March has come to excite me more than the Eraserheads Final Set Concert.

* I work harder this day, with 110% productivity.

* I intentionally deleted two entries in my Phonebook.

* I ate nothing at lunch and dinner yesterday, and none again this morning. I was sooooooo depressed i don't know what hunger feels like.

* The Analytic Geometry formulas and computations have been randomly displaying on my mind.

* I am thinking of deleting my Friendster Account. Uuhhmmm... just thinking bout it.