Friday, February 6, 2009


When they say Thank God It's Friday
I always smug with dismay
Because when everybody loves Friday
I despises it all the way.

If it's the last day of their workweek
or the rest day for workers in middle east
Nothing's special on my Fridays
Because I still have regular Saturday work to beat.

I dread the heavy traffic
For which Fridays are always made of
When after office the world disgorges
an avalanche of hyper party-goers.

When sale and discount parties commence
to which the most population would attend

When all ages crowd the churches
with absolute faith on First Friday miracles

Why does everyone go into such a frenzy?
When Fridays are just as ordinary as they should be?

Why are people so obsessed with Fridays
But succumbs to fear when it falls on the 13th?


I struggle for extreme emptiness..
As the wave of emotions pulse through me..
Fridays are never really meant to annoy me.
It's just the insane eccentric stupidity in me.

Out of the way these things I jabber
with jumbled minds, i am crazy scribbler
Admittedly, I'm just missing someone on a Friday..
so just allow me to me have it this way...