Wednesday, February 11, 2009

a date with sweetie

The bombast of the past seemed preferable to the humdrum nonsense that echoes in me today. I can hear the cadence of words in my head amidst the arguably deceptive haze of nostalgia. At some point, i feared i was fraying my own patience, latching every word that pounce with my own metaphors.


I thought of whiling away the clear blue skies with my turgid idea.... a CAR WASH!

And since I've been missing sweetie a lot, i resolved to rescue myself from that drudgery by pampering my own sweetie with a body wash.

a date with sweetie

Time has a way of dimming things, i just hope all the pains will eventually disappear like the dusts and dirt that have been removed from sweetie. Back home i fine-tuned the clean-up for an even handsome sweetie come tomorrow. I have also fine-tuned myself for a brighter me come sunrise as i constantly remind myself that all things happen for a reason for His greater glory. I may not come to like the outcome now, but who knows, maybe tomorrow or the days after tomorrow, it could be the best thing on earth.

goodnight everyone :)